2018 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival Displayed the Chinese Charm to the World

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For the purpose of enhancing Hangzhou's popularity as an internationalized tourism destination and shaping a city tourism brand in China, Hangzhou Tourism Committee held the campaign "2018 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival" (hereinafter referred to as the "Qipao Festival"), featuring the combination of silk, Qipao culture and Hangzhou's landscape. A city marketing case that integrated Hangzhou's culture and tourism resources was created through a chain of culturally distinctive activities held at home and abroad.

This year's Qipao Festival embraced the deep integration of culture and tourism. A new highlight of Hangzhou was made through the combination of silk, Qipao culture and Hangzhou history, which was illustrated by a chain of activities designed for the campaign. In a showing of cultural exchange, 15 original Hangzhou Qipaos by designers invited from 12 countries and regions were displayed. The American and Australian public were invited to join the activities to actively interact with Hangzhou. People from overseas were able to experience Hangzhou culture up close. Additionally, the activities helped younger audiences to learn about Qipaos, the silk culture and the history and culture of Hangzhou, and enjoy the beauty of oriental culture.

As a highlight of the Qipao Festival, the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Qipao Show" fully expressed the junction between Qipaos and Hangzhou's landscape. The skills of Qipao and the intangible cultural heritage, were vividly displayed through Hangzhou Qipao Selection, 3D Qipao Light Show and Intangible Cultural Heritage Qipao Show. The wonderful combination of the skills of the intangible cultural heritage, modern technology and Qipao and the open spirit of Hangzhou were spread through videos to both domestic and overseas audience.

News medias and emerging ones were employed for advertisement and suitable channels for the theme of "Qipao" were selected to attract the potential Hangzhou audience. In total, impressions for the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Chinese Tik Tok, Wechat and Weibo were over 60 million.

As vehicle for displaying silk and Qipao culture and passing on the cultural creation, the Qipao Festival built a new model for cultural experience tourism in China and provided more participation opportunities and new experiences for domestic and foreign tourists. Hangzhou Tourism Committee will continue to explore new avenues for developing Hangzhou's cross-border tourism in the future.

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