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2018 Jiangxi Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Fuzhou

2018 Jiangxi Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Fuzhou

The Four Colors of Jiangxi caught the attention of international attendees

FUZHOU, China, May 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 7th, Unique Landscape in Jiangxi 2018 Jiangxi Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Zixi, Fuzhou. China Radio International (CRI) attended the conference, below is the article that was originally published in Chinese.

Ouyang Quanhua, the director of the Jiangxi Tourism Development Committee hosted the conference, and Wu Zhongqiong, the vice-governor of Jiangxi Province gave a speech to promote Jiangxi tourism resources.

The poetic scenery was exhibited in Fuzhou

It is said that Lushan Mountain is the most comfortable mountain in China, Mount Sanqing is the most beautiful mountain in China, and Mount Longhu is the most unparalleled mountain in China. In history, there were many poems praising the beautiful sceneries in Jiangxi, like the three mountains above, and these poems are the best advertisement of Jiangxi.

Four Colors of Jiangxi exhibited during the conference was very eye-catching

"In the tourism routine, Mount Lu - Jingdezhen, you will also learn about the history of porcelain in the city of porcelain, Jingdezhen, and make porcelains with the ceramists all over the world. In another routine, Wuyuan – Mount Sanqing – Mount Longhu, you will enjoy the charm of China's most beautiful village, Wuyuan, see the rocks with grotesque shapes in the World Natural Heritage Site, Mount Sanqing, and discover the ancient cliff tombs in the Mountain Longhu. As for another routine, village – temple – kiln – round house – tower, you can learn about the culture from the ancient villages and counties, the traditional kilns, the Hakka round house and ancient academies, and the ancestral places of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism of China," said Wu Zhongqiong, vie-governor of Jiangxi. The four colors, green, red, golden and blue in the video clip played during the conference represented the revolutionary history, porcelain culture, natural landscape and humanistic characteristics of Jiangxi.

The international representatives attending the conference recorded what they saw and experienced via various social media platforms.

Ouyang Quanhua, the director of the Jiangxi Tourism Development Committee said, "In 2018, Jiangxi will start promoting its tourism resources mainly to the customer markets of surrounding countries and regions of China, and the markets of countries and regions along the routes of Belt and Road, in order to expand the international customer market for Jiangxi tourism industry."

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