2018 Ningbo Nice International Carnival -- A Legacy of Sino-Europe Relations

NINGBO, China, Oct. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The closing ceremony of the 2018 Ningbo Nice International Carnival concluded a successful week-long event organization at Xinghu Road, Jiangbei District in the city of Ningbo, China.

After six days of the authentic international carnival event, the official event of the 2018 China-Europe Tourism Year and first large-scale international cultural and tourism integration project co-hosted by Ningbo Municipal Tourism Development Committee came to a successful conclusion.

Attending was Jennifer Barbosa-Salles, President of the Tourism Commission of Province Alpes Cote d'Azure, France.

During the six-day event, activities occurred throughout day and night, including: International Parade Floats, Artistic Performances on Parade and Ningbo "Nice Day", Parade "Goddess" Competition, Carnival Host Contest, Sino-French Lifestyle Festival, and Thousands of International visitors to Ningbo. The entirety of the six-day event brings an unprecedented international immersion of performing arts in Ningbo. As international and domestic tourists smiled and enjoyed the festival the tourism slogan of "A port of the ancient Silk Road, a city of pleasure" slogan could be observed and realized throughout the city.

During the week long event, many renowned sights of Ningbo like the "Liang Zhu" love story statues, "Drum Tower" and "Tian Feng Pagoda" delighted Ms. Jennifer Barbosa-Salles, along with the warm and colorful nature of folk culture in Ningbo. Speaking at the closing ceremony, Ms. Barbosa-Salles said she was honored to join the event as a representative from France's tourism industry. She expressed gratitude to the Ningbo Municipal Tourism Development Committee, the performance teams from Italy, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Austria for their artistic inspiration. She especially thanked the Chinese audience for sharing their joy, passion and excitement for the international carnival.

In a speech at the closing ceremony, Wan Yawei, Standing Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Government and Ministry of Publicity stated, "As one of the official activities of the China-Europe Tourism Year 2018, this Ningbo Nice International Carnival event will leave a strong mark in the history of Sino-French and Sino-European relations. The carnival event has shown to the world the image of Ningbo city as an international and vibrant cultural center.

Throughout the week, an estimated 150,000 live spectators were present, along with hundreds of media representatives from around the world. Over 700 articles, videos have been publicized about the 2018 Ningbo Nice International Carnival. On the opening day, CCTV French Channel, People's Daily, and Phoenix Media broadcasted live from the event with over eight million viewers. On China's National Day, the carnival was broadcasted on CCTV's news with hundreds of millions of viewers witnessing highlights of the event. The carnival has established itself as a global event.

Through cultural exchange and the tourism industry, the city of Ningbo remains an active participant in the Belt and Road Initiative as part of its mission to establish itself as a more internationally recognized city.

As the 2018 Ningbo Nice International Carnival closes, an unprecedent legacy of Sino-Europe tourism cooperation is left with the city.