2018 UCI Women's World Tour (Tour of Chongming Island) ready to race, along with spotlight from fans

SHANGHAI, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2018 UCI Women's World Tour (Tour of Chongming Island) will be held in Chongming, Shanghai from April 26th to 28th. The tour is hosted by the Union Cycliste Internationale, the General Administration of Sport of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, undertaken by the Chinese Cycling Association, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Sports and the Chongming District People's Government, and co-organized by the Shanghai Cycling Association and Shanghai Max Success Culture and Sports Co., Ltd.

The tour is a national class A event and one of the world's top women's professional road cycling competition which is recognized by the Union Cycliste Internationale. It is in the same class with the famous Tour of France, Tour of Italy and Tour of Spain.

The 2018 Women's World Tour consists of 23 stages, of which China (Chongming) Stage, the United States Stage and other 5 stages are multi-day races. And Chongming is the first stage of the 7 multi-day race in 2018.

There are 18 teams - each team consisting of six cyclists - racing in Chongming, including the Chinese national team, Chinese Hong Kong team and nine other world top 15 teams.

The total distance of 2018 UCI Women's World Tour (Tour of Chongming Island) is approximately 359.3km with 3 stages. The starting point of the second stage is set at Changxing Island. The starting and ending points of the other two stages are both set at Xincheng Park which is bordering Chongming Ave Park Square.

Chongming Island first organized the men's national cycling competition in 2003. Four years later, Chongming hosted its first women's competition which was upgraded to the International Cycling Union (UCI) series.

Ten years after the UCI Women's world Tour held in Chongming, this international sport event has become a signature of Chongming Island and has attracted many fans to come to watch and enjoy the game. "The race is a good example of Shanghai making use of its ecological environment to organize high-end sports events," according to Luo Wenhua, deputy director of Shanghai Sports Bureau, "Apart from improving the organization of the existing sports events, Shanghai will keep introducing new events to build its image as an international sports city."

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