2019 Asian Bookstore Forum is held in Xi'an High-tech Zone

Reading guides new fashion, atmosphere of literature fills Xi'an City

XI'AN, China, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 Asian Bookstore Forum, with the keynote of "Space Innovation - Unleashing a New Era", was inaugurated in Xi'an on July 6, 2019.

The forum was hosted by the Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Xi'an and Xi'an High-tech Zone Management Committee, organized by Yan Ji You, and co-organized by Sanlian Lifeweek ,Openbook, Bookdao, and Context Lab. Famous writers, designers, bookstore entrepreneurs, public cultural spaces, publishing houses, and profession representatives were invited to jointly contemplate new development trends of bookstores, writers, and publishing houses and explore new vitality of culture industry.  

There were six thematic forums, including theme forum, writer forum, bookstore forum, designer forum, publisher forum, and public cultural space forum, following a Shaanxi Literature achievement-sharing session. Discussions were conducted for a whole day.

"A good bookstore is the holy land where readers rest their souls, the sign of cultural inheritance, and an unique city brand," Hongwei Lian addressed. In recent years, the number of physical bookstores in Xi'an increased from 827 in 2017 to more than 2000 at present. Xi'an jumped to the 5th in the ranking of China bookstore. Physical Bookstores revived through innovative integrating modes, including "book + coffee", "book + culture", and "book + technology".

At this forum, authoritative book-related data lists, including "Xi'an Reading Portrayal", and "WeRead City Reading Index" were released. According to these index, Xi'an was the 5th in the ranking of "Cities that loves reading the most", just after Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. At the same time, Xi'an was the first in the ranking of "Classics Reading" and "Technology Reading".

As the initiator of the Asian Bookstore Forum, Yan Ji You, with "Make Life Different" as the idea and physical space as the background, insists on its originality to construct a culture bridge via its own efforts, in order to continuously energize Chinese Bookstores and promote the development of bookstore industry.