2020 Taiwan Food Pavilion: Enjoy authentic Taiwanese food without going abroad

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 4 November 2020 - Consisting of 11 food and beverage brands across Taiwan, "2020 Taiwan Food Pavilion" sells Taiwanese food in Indonesia through cross-border e-commerce. Divided into three categories (classic food, drinks, and Taiwanese snacks), the 11 food and beverage brands, namely, Sad Super Hot Noodles, Sheriff Tea Egg, Itso Tea, Unique Instant, De Yi, Hui Kun, Maru Wen Food, Coville, Cherry Grandfather, Aposo, and Choice, provides more than 30 products for Indonesian people to enjoy the most authentic Taiwanese food at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

From October 20 to November 20, 2020, "2020 Taiwan Food Pavilion" sells popular Taiwanese food among Indonesian people such as pearl milk tea, quality Taiwanese tea, pineapple cakes, nougat, walnut cakes, and tea egg. To find products more quickly, three categories are further divided into 6 areas, namely "Dessert & Minuman," "Makanan Cepat Saji," "Lauk & Makanan Pendamping," "Oleh-oleh & Snack," "Kuliner Legendaris," and "Cemilan Bernutrisi." As the COVID-19 continues to rage, countries around the world have implemented border controls, making business activity screech to a halt. Through cross-border e-commerce, Taiwanese food is successfully sold in Indonesia, increasing the locals' impression of Taiwanese food. (For more information, visit https://id.foodndrink.co/.)