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2021 TIE Future Tech Pavilion attracts widespread attention with an innovative combination of online and offline events

2021 TIE Future Tech Pavilion attracts widespread attention with an innovative combination of online and offline events

TAIPEI, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Future Tech Pavilion made its debut at 2021 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) on October 14, 2021. Focusing on the three key sectors of space technology, digital transformation, and precision health, FUTEX this year, for the first time, hosted a series of concurrent in-person and virtual events, starting from the opening ceremony, and continuing through to the forums examining the latest trends and presentations on the most forward-looking technologies. In addition to a 3-day offline show, a 10-day online exhibition, where nearly 350 in-demand technologies will be showcased, kicked off on October 14 and is scheduled to continue until October 23. The exhibition covers biotech and new drug development, medical devices, AIoT and smart applications, electronics and optronics (optoelectronics), advanced materials and sustainable energies, as well as aeronautics and space technologies. Fusionmedium served as the media partner of the exhibition. 

One hundred technology launches and three online forums

During the forums that focused on the international trends coursing through the space technology, digital transformation and precision health sectors, 2021 FUTEX invited representative international speakers from the United States, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Singapore and Lithuania, among several other countries, including NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson; Petr Bares, the chairman of Czech Space Alliance; Wilson To, the head of worldwide healthcare, life sciences and genomics at AWS; and NVIDIA Global AI Medical Director Mona Flores, to analyze future trends. Moreover, hosted nearly one hundred technology launch events showcasing the highlighted technologies across a variety of disciplines. A sampling of some of the more interesting and forward-looking innovative technologies within the three sectors:

  • a portable multiple ionization source biological mass spectrometer
  • "CoachBox"-Visualized badminton hitting action analysis plan
  • Using meta analysis and machine learning approach to construct an ensemble brain age estimation
  • Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing (VTVL) Flight Control System of Hybrid Rocket
  • Made in Taiwan: Spacecraft Avionics, Space Missions, and Ground Operations Capacity

Via virtual pavilions, connect international buyers

The 2021 TIE, debuted a new feature at the virtual Future Tech Pavilion event – the Electronic Negotiation Form, which can closely monitor the progress and content of a negotiation, drawing the attention of many participants.

Exhibition Info

Date: 2021/10/14-10/23
2021 TIE On-Line Expo:
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