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24Hrs-City-Florist Launches New Style Bouquet for Millennials this Valentine's Day

24Hrs-City-Florist Launches New Style Bouquet for Millennials this Valentine's Day

SINGAPORE, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 24Hrs City Florist - an established Singapore based florist is introducing a different kind of bouquet arrangement for this Valentine's Day. It was the changing taste of customers that made Jerry Lee, the general manager for to adopt this new style of bouquet.

Valentine's Day is one of the major, most anticipated event of 2022 for couples. This is the time where couples celebrate and express their love often in the form of flower bouquets. Men looking for a bouquet this season might wish to note that bouquet styles have evolved.

"We observed a significant shift from the more traditional type to this fascinating unstructured bouquet style particularly among millennials." Lee said that the traditional red roses, while still an evergreen representation of romance, in classic symmetrical round shape, is less preferred by the younger generation.

According to Lee, unstructured bouquet is like a cross between a hand tied bohemian and a contemporary bouquet packaged in a Korean-styled wrapping. It is totally unique and highly fascinating, starkly different from the traditional round bouquets. Unstructured bouquet is more free-spirited and hence, occasionally they are also referred to as 'freestyle bouquet'. This arrangement features a good mix of blooms arranged in a rather loose, free-flowing manner with wild and exotic flowers layered in between fillers. This adds texture to a complex yet eccentric style of contemporary unstructured-bouquet.

"Traditionally hand bouquets are arranged with flowers clustered in a spherical or bulbous shape. These are usually very symmetrical, neatly arranged with a good balance of bloom and greenery and filler. Instead, unstructured bouquet is styled in a more casual look that stems from the loose and slightly messy floral arrangement, hence the name 'unstructured'," said Lee.

Although unstructured bouquets first emerged in the early 2000s, it is not until recently that they are fast becoming favourites due to the influence and popularity of Korean and Taiwanese free-flowing bouquet styling. While the styling is similar to bohemian bouquets, unstructured bouquets have more muted colours; nude, blush, soft and pastel hues are among the most popular.

Lee further explained that in these unstructured freestyle bouquets, the florist uses less commonly known primary flowers such as dahlias, ranunculuses, peonies, anthuriums, delphiniums, cymbidiums and matthiolas to name some. To accentuate these primary flowers, 'filler flowers' such as limoniums, matricarias, gomphrena, bupleurum, eryngiums, craspedias, chrysanthemums, astilbes and eustomas are some of the more unique fillers used in these bouquets together with foliage such as eucalyptus and dusty millers. This special fusion of exotic and fascinating blooms together with its layered and textured arrangement is perhaps the main appeal of these unstructured bouquets.

Red roses used to be regarded as the colour and flower of 'romance and love', however, in such unstructured-bouquet, other pigments such as peach, ivory, blush, lilac or even 'Café au Lait' – a fancy name for fawn brown, are being used instead. More exotic species of roses such as garden roses are also being used eg. David Austin or O'hara roses. 

Unstructured bouquets are generally more difficult to craft. Depending on the type of flowers, the size and complexity of the arrangement, prices range from SGD98 to SGD300 on top of the delivery prices.

Today, consumers have a plethora of bouquet styles to choose from. Although technically, there is no 'wrong' bouquet to give, the choice between traditional and trending-style bouquets do reflect the sense of taste of the sender. 

Even though unstructured bouquets are increasingly fashionable now than ever, the desire for traditional red rose bouquets shouldn't be frowned upon. When it comes to deciding on which bouquet would make a perfect choice, the fact remains that the most important criterion is what the recipient likes and prefers.

Consumers are always in search of new, fresh and attractive products. Like any other businesses, florists have to constantly adapt to the changing demands, innovate and create new product offerings. 24Hrs City Florist has introduced a wide array of bouquets including unstructured bouquets in their online Valentine's Day Flowers catalogue this year to meet the evolving demands of consumers.

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