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2D Fighting Game "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" Preorders Now Available for the Digital Release Introducing Character Features and Gameplay Videos

2D Fighting Game "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" Preorders Now Available for the Digital Release Introducing Character Features and Gameplay Videos

TOKYO, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Project LUMINA (Notes Co., Ltd., Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS Inc.) has begun accepting preorders for the digital version of 2D fighting game "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" for Nintendo Switch™/Xbox One as of August 26, and for PlayStation®4 as of September 2.

2D Fighting Game "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" Preorders Now Available
2D Fighting Game "Melty Blood: Type Lumina" Preorders Now Available

Products Available for Preorder
1. MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA Digital Deluxe Edition
Price: 69.99USD / 69.99EUR
* Includes a digital book looking back over the history of the Melty Blood series & the digital edition of the "Melty Blood Archives" music player.

2. MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA Digital Standard Edition
Price: 49.99USD / 49.99EUR

Preorders Available

Standard Edition Preorder 
Nintendo Switch™ (United States) 
Xbox One

Deluxe Edition Preorder
Nintendo Switch™  (United States) 
Xbox One

* No preorders will be available for Steam. Please wait until the release date.
* Nintendo Switch™: If you do not see your region listed on the official website, please check the Nintendo e-Shop on your Nintendo Switch™.

Playable Characters & Battle Previews
Videos introducing the battle appearance, special moves, and in-game voices for 8 playable characters will be made available.
New videos will be linked on the official Twitter account (

Shiki Tohno: 
During battle, he removes his glasses to use his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. This ability and his knife are his primary weapons. A standard character with a simple and easy to use skill set who specializes in close-quarters combat.

Arcueid Brunestud: 
Mainly uses her abilities as a True Ancestor in battle. An easy-to-use and powerful close-range fighter able to quickly rush in and overwhelm opponents.

A well-balanced fighter able to attack at long-range with a variety of projectiles, as well as physical prowess that excels in close-range combat.

Akiha Tohno: 
This character lends herself towards a playstyle where she corners her opponents through specials that have a wide area of attack and easy-to-use regular attacks.

Kouma Kishima: 
Excelling in close-quarters combat, he possesses a super armor that allows him to attack while simultaneously withstanding attacks from his opponent. With the super armor, he has nothing to fear from his opponents and can throw everything into attacking.

Hisui & Kohaku: 
 A technical fighter with a variety of projectiles and traps who also excels at speedy rush attacks. This character makes full use of her housekeeping (?) abilities, using cooking and cleaning tools, and even furnishings to attack opponents.

A tricky fighter who excels in mid- and long-range combat with her far-reaching attacks and traps. Swinging her bamboo broom and drawing the sword hidden within, the unique and varied battle style of this character makes her very fun to play with.

Miyako Arima: 
A small but strong and speedy close-range fighter with explosive power. What she lacks in range, she makes up for with abundant methods for breaking down her opponents' defenses.

Noel joins the battle as a playable character!
Noel joins the battle as a new playable character for the first time in the Melty Blood series. This character specializes in mid-range combat using her large weapon to corner opponents.

* The boxed edition will not be available for sale outside of Japan.
* Cross-platform battles between PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox One/Steam are not supported.
* Please note that the content and specifications may change without prior notice.

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