The 2nd Cao'e River "Lanyin Fashion Town" International Motorboat Open Takes Place in Shaoxing, China on October 14

The fast and the furious return to Cao'e River

SHAOXING, China, Oct. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The opening ceremony of the 2ndChina Shaoxing Cao'e River "Lanyin Fashion Town" International Motorboat Open 2017 was held at Cao'e River Sluice on October 14. Weather conditions were ideal and one could smell the Osmanthus blossoms giving off a rich aroma. The three-day event, from October 14th to October 16th, which was approved by the Water Sports Administration, a unit of China's General Administration of Sport, is hosted by the Chinese Motorboat Association, the Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province and the municipal government of Shaoxing. Organization of the event was undertaken by the Zhejiang Provincial Water Sports Administration, Shaoxing Cao'e River Sluice Administration, the Management Committee of Shaoxing Binhai New Area and the Shaoxing Sports Bureau, with the help of the Management Committee of Shaoxing Keqiao District Binhai Industrial Area, in partnership with three local firms, Shaoxing Cao'e River Yacht Marina Development and Investment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Poliruituo Sports Culture Planning Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Video Union Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The competition, which was given a three-star rating by the Chinese Motorboat Association last year, has since been upgraded to a four-star event and received recognition as one of China's leading water sports competitions.

Group photo at the opening ceremony
Group photo at the opening ceremony

With the rapid growth of motorboat sports in China, the open tournament serves as one of the platforms that is expected to enhance the brand image of the country's motorboat sports. The second edition of the event is divided into three race categories, the Sea Captains, the Professionals and the Challengers. Entrants will compete in two types of water scooter racing, sit down and stand up, as well as P750 high-speed rubber boat racing and rallying, as well as recreational sit down and stand up water scooter freestyle. Leading racers from China's Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangxi and Hubei provinces in addition to the city of Shanghai, will join 123 elite athletes from 15 national and regional race teams across Finland, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the US in competing for the championship title on the Cao'e River.

Shaoxing, by virtue of having now hosted the international motorboat race for two consecutive years, has built a new platform for boosting the development of sports and sporting events at the local level, created a new and unique sports brand, stayed at the forefront of the latest trends in water sports and leisure activities while enriching its experience in organizing and managing sports events.

The success of last year's event was widely recognized by the industry and beyond. The event is now included in the list of events that the Zhejiang provincial government has decided to support during 2017, as part of the government's efforts to establish sports-linked brands across the province. This leading international motorboat competition will help facilitate the growth of Shaoxing, raise the awareness of the city as a locale for international events, serve as an opportunity for the city to accumulate experience as a hosting organization for such events, boost the development of a sports and sports tourism industry in and around Shaoxing as well as elevate the status of the Cao'e River event among sports audiences worldwide. With this year's race, Shaoxing's denizens can be expected to see motorboat racing as part and parcel of the city's identity, while the event itself will serve to inspire a healthier lifestyle among the city's younger demographic. In addition, Shaoxing, already well known across China as the City of Water, can be expected to promote its new image linking the city to water sports, transforming the locale into a unique water leisure and tourism destination in the Yangtze River Delta and Hangzhou Bay regions.

The event also includes several ancillary programs, including a music festival, a gourmet food festival, a motorboat model show, as well as several brand exhibits and interactive programs. We welcome anyone and everyone to come to Shaoxing and join the event.

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