2nd (Shenzhen) Luohu Da Wutong Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Singapore calling for Submissions

2nd (Shenzhen) Luohu Da Wutong Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Singapore calling for Submissions

SINGAPORE, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Shenzhen Luohu District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, in conjunction with the Shenzhen CRI Innovation Center, is organising the 2nd (Shenzhen) Luohu Da Wutong Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Singapore. The event is co-organized by Chuang Capital.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup with technological innovation in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Manufacturing, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Optoelectronic Chips, Information technology (Quantum Science, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data, etc.), New Materials, New Energy or other sophisticated technologies?

If so, simply submit an indication of interest to cy@chuangcapital.cn and fill up the registration form with your relevant business proposal by June 15 to enter. Awaiting in the Singapore League are attractive prizes amounting up to SGD20,000 worth of cash, as well as RMB450,000 worth of prizes, which will be allocated to qualified winners at the International Finals in Shenzhen Luohu District later in the year. Participants who qualify for the Grand Finals in China (Shenzhen) will be reimbursed accommodation and flight expenses if all requirements are met.


Registrations for the Singapore League are already open. Limited slots for pitching are available. Participants can register by sending an email to cy@chuangcapital.cn to receive the registration form as well as Business Plan template. Submissions will close at 2359hrs on 15th June 2018. To keep up with developments and updates, please visit the event page at https://goo.gl/wJfXGJ.


i. The competition idea, product, technology and related patents, must belong to the participating teams, and there is no intellectual property dispute with other units or individuals.

ii. The entry is centered on technological innovation and entrepreneurship, mainly around artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology, optoelectronic chips, information technology (Quantum science, blockchain, internet of things, big data, etc.), new materials, new energy and other sophisticated technologies

iii. Participants who have the intention to settle in Shenzhen Luohu District, regardless of nationality.


(I) Registration stage

Now till 15 June 2018.

(II) Preliminary examination

The thorough examination by various experts will be conducted on materials submitted by participating teams. The expert team, including technical experts and senior investors, is selected by the judging and guiding members of the competition and will cater to the various industries of the projects.

Only 12 teams will be selected to enter the final stage of the competition in Singapore.

(III) Final stage

  1. Location: Singapore
  2. Activities: On-site Pitching
  3. Judging Panel: The evaluation experts consist of five persons, of which three are technical experts and two are investment specialists (startup tutors).
  4. Singapore Finale Details:
    a) Rewards consists of; one 1st prize, two 2nd prizes and three 3rd Prizes. Honorary certificates and bonuses will also be given out.
    b) Guidance: During the Finals in Singapore, opportunities for exchanges will be available with relevant leaders of governance from China and Singapore, investment institutions, entrepreneurial tutors, technical experts, representatives of social organizations, and founders of outstanding companies.
    c) Priority recommendation
    Where the winners of the finals are in line with the policy conditions, they are recommended to participate in the Shenzhen China Finals and the National Finals. Specific competition arrangements and rules, etc., shall be subject to the relevant documents issued by the two competition organizers.
    d) Incubation support
    Once establishing business in Shenzhen Luohu; financial support for industrial development, overseas talents settlement, and talented person housing support will be given.
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