The 30th Golden Melody Awards Announces Winners

Leo Wang as Best Male Mandarin Vocalist, Sandy Lam as Best Female Mandarin Vocalist again, and Jolin Tsai wins Album of the Year & Song of the Year.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 30th Golden Melody Awards ceremony was held in Taipei Arena on June 29th. Leo Wang won Best Male Mandarin Vocalist with surprise, Sandy Lam won Best Female Mandarin Vocalist, and Jolin Tsai was recognized with Album of the Year and Song of the Year.

Jolin Tsai performed with 32 dancers on a mesmerizing stage and arrangement.
Jolin Tsai performed with 32 dancers on a mesmerizing stage and arrangement.

As he received the award, Leo Wang said, "I feel very lucky to live in Taiwan. As a creator, it's important to freely express whatever is in your mind."

Agent Isaac Chen received the award on behalf of Sandy Lam, and thanked the jury for making such a beautiful decision.

Jolin Tsai's Ugly Beauty won Album of the Year. "Thanks all my fans for supporting me," said Tsai. "I've tried to express myself as much as possible in this album. As women, we have to bravely speak our minds and make bold choices."

Several local and international singers performed at The 30th Golden Melody Awards ceremony. Award-winner Eason Chen opened the night with numerous songs to review different music styles over several decades. With her powerful and penetrating voice, G.E.M. reinterpreted ten popular songs with over 100 million views each. ZiXuan & Slow Train, EggPlantEgg, and ABAO collaborated to demonstrate groove and rhythm in Taiwanese and Hakka music. Renowned female vocal group S.H.E. returned to this stage after seven years and revived memories of events over the last 17 years. In the SUPER WOMAN section, Stefanie Sun performed a medley from popular female singers. Japanese band Yuzu collaborated with Taiwanese singer Evan Yo to perform its signature song, Bridge of Glory, and immerse the audience in music. In the name of beauty, Best-selling Jolin Tsai performed with 32 dancers on a mesmerizing stage.

Every performance at the event was well-designed and delivered on a glamorous stage. The event will surely be noted as an impressive Golden Melody Awards ceremony.

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