4 Sharp Products Win 2020 iF Design Award

TOKYO, Feb 25, 2020 - (JCN Newswire) - Sharp Corporation is proud to announce that four of its products have won a 2020 iF Design Award- one of the world's most prestigious product design awards. The four products are the AN-SX7A AQUOS Sound Partner wearable neck speakers, the BP-10C20 A3 digital MFP, the AQUOS R3 smartphone, and the SH-03M Kids Keitai mobile phone.

The iF Design Award recognizes outstanding design in seven categories, such as Product, Packaging, and Communication (including web design). The four Sharp products won in the Product category.

Following the spirit of its "Be Original." corporate motto*, Sharp will continue to create people-oriented products.

*This motto declares Sharp's resolve to be a brand that shines on the global stage. While expressing the company's foundational business creed of "Sincerity and Creativity", the motto spurs Sharp to keep creating original products for its valued customers.

Highlights of the Award-winning Products:

AN-SX7A AQUOS Sound Partner wearable neck speakers

Worn around the neck, these speakers deliver realistic high-quality audio with balanced sound replay from low to mid-to-high sound range with vibration effect, creating impressive bass sound. Sharp designed them to deliver clear, powerful sound close to the user's ears. This speaker set is comfortable to wear for long periods, even when the user is reclining on the sofa. The smart button design means users can operate the speakers without looking at them.

See more: https://corporate.jp.sharp/news/190227-a.html (in Japanese only)

BP-10C20 A3 digital MFP

This compact A3 digital full-color MFP is packed with functions essential to any business. At just 560 mm wide, deep, and high, it has a clean, cubic form accentuated by a two-tone color scheme. It can be placed in various settings, including on a desk. It blends in seamlessly not just in offices, but also in other locations.

See more: http://global.sharp/products/copier/products/bp_20c25/index.html

AQUOS R3 smartphone

This smartphone has two cameras for standard and wide-angle shooting. The onboard AI analyzes the video subject in real-time and automatically edits the footage. It's an evolution for the camera - going from simply capturing images to processing them intelligently. It makes this device a handy new video communication tool.

The 6.2-inch LCD screen incorporates Sharp's Free-Form technology, which allows flexible LCD design. The clean and simple design features "3D" curved glass on both sides of the smartphone, making it pleasant to the touch.

See more: https://corporate.jp.sharp/news/190508-a.html (in Japanese only)

SH-03M Kids Keitai mobile phone (Joint developed with NTT docomo, Inc.)

This mobile phone is designed for long-term use by elementary school children.
Features to support a long usage life include a simple, round form that's comfortable to hold, and a screen design that can be changed as the user grows up are applied. Details are also added to make the child's first encounter with the phone fun. When they open the box, the same characters that appear on the screen come into view. And when they unbox the phone, they find cute illustrations in the user's guide.

See more: https://corporate.jp.sharp/news/191011-b.html (in Japanese only)
For more about these award-winning products, see here: https://design.sharp.co.jp/eng/designers_voice

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