4.0 Generation, New Value Creation Promoting Combination of Innovative Thinking and Reality at PIS 2017

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Korean textile fair Preview in SEOUL (PIS), hosted by the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI), was held Aug. 28~30 at the Seoul COEX's A Hall (Materials Fair) on the first floor and E Hall (Job Fair and Seminar) on the third floor. The Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas hosted the Fashion Fair. A combined 388 domestic and international companies took part in PIS. Starting in 2000 and celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, PIS is a global textile and fashion fair that has helped expand the export of domestic textiles and fashion while stimulating domestic trade.

This year, a large number of innovative and creative products representing every aspect of the textile industry were submitted. Among them were threads differentiated to meet the changing lifestyles of customers, eco-friendly and functional materials, knitwear, accessories, subsidiary materials, digital textile printing (DTP) and sewing machines. To enhance specialization of the fair, Materials Fair and Fashion Fair were separated; the event thus had the biggest scale in its history given the size of the exhibition hall and the most participating companies in its 18-year history. Including Trend Forum Hall, which showed the latest materials at a glance, the event featured exciting and various concurrent events such as a fashion show, seminar, bazaar and job fair.

The fair's concept was "ReMix#ReSet," referring to domains and barriers among industries as important keys and the rise of a new domain by integrating them.

Among the 388 participating companies, 257 were from Korea and many represented each aspects of industry including Hyosung, KOLON Fashion Material, Hanil Synthetic Fiber (thread), Shinhung, Seong-An, Shinhan Industrial (fabric), Sealon, Gio-Lite Lumian (subsidiary), D-gen, Three Leaf Clover (DTP), Youngone, LEDOME and a mid-grade designer's brand (fashion clothes).

Many companies were well received at PIS. Young Textile (ultralight thermal and high-strength nylon), One Chang (light nylon), and Texland and Nexko (functional safety material) participated in Premiere Vision and Tex World to introduce the excellence of Korean materials. The three showed plenty of materials they recently developed at this PIS.

At Fashion Fair, a showroom operated by the Korean Apparel Industry Association and featuring LEDOME's designer brand, around 50 companies such as SEKANSKEEN, Doucan, THEaStory and BeBe n BiNo took part. Including a common hall consisting of leading Korean fashion companies and association members, fashion companies popular in China as well as Korea such as C&C Korea, Noble Mink and Wide International showed novel and unique fashion sense.

A combined 131 companies from 16 countries and regions participated, mostly from Mainland China with 94 companies, followed by India with 11, Taiwan and Southeast Asia with eight each, Pakistan with five and Japan with two. With global fiber companies including Lenzing (Austria), Shima Seiki (Japan), Everlast (Taiwan), Heng Li and Sheng Hong Group (Mainland China), and those from India and Taiwan, promising fiber companies organized Nation Hall to prepare foothold of Korean fiber market.

A KOFOTI source said, "PIS this year was a total fiber fashion fair in which materials, fashion and lifestyle were gathered at one site, and it featured connected events that communicated with visitors and helped solve youth unemployment such as a fashion show, bazaar and job fair," adding, "We plan to reinforce consultations on real orders, the original purpose of the fair, by inviting promising buyers at home and abroad and holding business exchanges."

Preview in SEOUL 2018 will run Sept. 5~7 at the Seoul COEX and Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel. www.previewinseoul.com

Jina Kim