40th Seoul Int'l Young Child Education & Kids Product Fair Sees Successful Hosting

- Emerges as new framework for infant and child fairs- B2B exhibition, global biz matching, Educare Leaders Forum

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Korea's biggest child education event, the Seoul International Young Child Education and Kids Product Fair, ended on Nov. 26. Hosted by SEGE Fairs from Nov. 23~26 at the Seoul COEX's A, B and D Halls, the fair saw a stellar turnout of around 80,000 visitors.

Under the theme of "A Teaching Method for My Kid Seen at a Glance," the fair offered a glimpse of the latest trends in child education.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this fair saw a bigger scale with 1,350 booths staffed by around 300 domestic and foreign education companies. Various events also focused on promoting the Korean infant and child industry including an B2B exhibition and the Educare Leaders Forum.

SEGE Fairs: building the bridge for globalization of Korean infant and child products

A B2B exhibition connected participating companies to domestic and foreign buyers; 70 buyers from abroad such as Hong Kong and Vietnam conducted field export and/or distribution consultations. The number of consultation exceeded 500. Foreign buyers showed interest in coding teaching aids, baby products and toys made in Korea, boosting the export prospects of domestic products. Vietnamese buyers at this fair showed especially positive responses, saying Korean infant and child products are in high demand in Vietnam.

Vietnam is considered a promising market for infant and child products. Starting with buyers who visited the B2B exhibition of the Seoul International Young Child Education and Kids Product Fair, SEGE Fairs will continuously offer opportunities for domestic companies to export to Vietnam.

Introduction of educational content and trends

The variety of educational content in this 40th Seoul International Young Child Education and Kids Product Fair boosted visitor satisfaction like never before. Other than teaching aids and materials that met changes in educational trends and visitor needs, the event catered to participating companies in trend-setting fields including English education via acting (Hampton Acting School), Educational robot company (Topobo Korea), coding education for young children (Core Education and Coding Early Literacy) and VR and AR experience for children (YOYO Interactive).

First and largest forum for young children's education fair

The inaugural 2017 Educare Leaders Forum drew the participation of 463 people from 26 countries. Under theme "Navigating the Future of Childhood Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution," this event had 27 speakers from eight countries and grabbed people's attention with software, humanistic and emotional education, education for disabled children and Maker Education, and EduTech.

The keynote speech was given by the British Computer Society (BCS), a world leader in educational software standards, under theme "SW education changing the future. Informative lectures were held as part of  programs including on the necessity of social emotional learning techniques; nature-friendly education for infants and children; fostering emotionally rich children; human resource education in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution centered on computing thinking and Bebras; donations to software education: Vision of CoderDojo; the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of care for disable children; smart special education for disabled children; Finland's preparation of young children's education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution; successful education startup (Enuma); environment for Vietnamese startups and prospects for EduTech; maker education: the present and possibilities; Chinese maker education: creative education; maker education and schools; maker education in Sweden; and the reason for the introduction of the core ability NURI course.

A worker in a related field said, "This was an occasion for me to understand the direction of future education, and it was at the infant and child education specialized international forum where workers in the industry were able to interact."

With this successful event as momentum, Educare Leaders Forum will be held continuously for the development of education for infants and children.

SEGE Fairs CEO Cho Min-je said, "This fair was a best place for directors of daycare centers, kindergartens, and institutes related to childcare and education to get information about infant and children's education through various participating content companies, the B2B exhibition and the Educare Leaders Forum."

Min Joo Lee