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45 Studio’s Sea Horizon Available Now on Steam

45 Studio’s Sea Horizon Available Now on Steam
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 14 September 2022 - Sea Horizon, the Roguelike debut of Taiwan's independent gaming company 45 Studio, is now available on Steam as an early access version. With 80% of Steam user having given positive reviews, Sea Horizon offers accessibility in six languages, including French, German, and Spanish as well as English, to cater to gamers around the world.

Sea Horizon: Early Access Available Now

  • Unique art design, haphazard adventure
    In Sea Horizon, every map and scenario is randomly created. A unique dice-combat system adds any number of uncontrollable factors, thereby making the game all the more challenging and entertaining.

  • Explore hidden characters to form your team
    Players are free to choose any configuration of characters to their liking and explore all the islands in the open ocean. Every character is assigned a distinct background narrative and exclusive skills. Players will thus have their understanding of various character skills put to test as they seek to form an optimal team worthy of the ultimate boss fight.

  • Accessories & resources; strategy dictated by luck
    Sea Horizon's combat system features turn-based tactics. While every character comes with their exclusive skills, the dice on their gear will decide on different resources in the respective turns and provide a variety of enchantments at the same time. Players can come up with any number of tactics by means of an expertly combination of gear enchantments and their skills.

Go to Steam now and join fellow Sea Horizon mariners for a voyage to explore the unknown!


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