456 KM/H (283 MPH): The Voxan Wattman Remains The Fastest Electric Motorbike In The World

MONACO, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Max Biaggi and the Voxan electric motorbike brand set 21 world speed records at the Space Florida track at the Kennedy Space Center (United States). These performances took place between 18 and 23 November 2021.



The most coveted world record in the programme was broken on Monday 22 November. With 455.737 km/h (283.182 mph), Max Biaggi and the Voxan Wattman have set the prestigious world speed record in the partially-streamlined electric motorbike under 300 kilos category.

In compliance with FIM (International Motorcyclist Federation) regulations, the speed of the Voxan Wattman was measured, after a rolling start, over 1 km outbound and 1 km return in a time span of less than 2 hours. In keeping with Federation rules, the average of the 2 speeds was retained.

The Wattman's GPS speedometer went up to 470.257 km/h (292.204 mph) in instantaneous speed. The Voxan's grey coat, designed by Sacha Lakic, drove the timing cells crazy.   

On Sunday 21 November, the Voxan Wattman undertook the non-streamlined version of the event, similarly over a distance of 1km with a rolling start. Same principle: 1 km outbound, then 1 km return in a time span of less than 2 hours. Once again, the average of the 2 speeds was retained. The new world record for the non-streamlined electric motorbike under 300 kilos category is now 369.626 km/h (229.675 mph). 

A further 19 records were set in the categories: under 300 kilos, over 300 kilos, non-streamlined, partially-streamlined, 1 mile, 1 km and ¼ mile, standing start and rolling start.

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