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4DREPLAY Brings Cutting-Edge Video Technology for Enhanced Immersive Viewing Experience

4DREPLAY Brings Cutting-Edge Video Technology for Enhanced Immersive Viewing Experience

The Sporting event optimized 360-degree time-slice video production solution and interactive live-streaming service offers an unprecedented viewing experience

4DREPLAY provides 4DReplay and 4DLive services for NCAA football games broadcasted on FOX Sports official mobile application

Expanding its entertainment business, the company is creating a new interactive and immersive content experience beyond passive watching

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 4DREPLAY, a Silicon Valley-based media technology startup and a member of Born2Global Centre, announced new expansions of its global sports and media businesses. Best known for the world's fastest full 360-degree 4D time-slice video production technology, the company is bringing a whole new immersive and interactive viewing experience to more viewers of sports games and entertainment contents.

4DReplay -- Full 360-degree 4D time-slice video production system; 4DLive -- Interactive live-streaming service
4DReplay -- Full 360-degree 4D time-slice video production system; 4DLive -- Interactive live-streaming service

4DREPLAY launched the world's fastest full 360-degree 4D time-slice video production system called 4DReplay in 2014. The solution was first used for the pole vault event at the 2014 Asian Games in Korea. Following the successful debut of 4DReplay, the company launched 4DLive in 2019. 4DLive is the world's first interactive live-streaming service that can display the movements of a subject from a 360-degree angle at any given moment. Over the years, 4DREPLAY has provided its solutions for a variety of professional sporting events including the MLB (Major League Baseball) games and the U.S. Open tournaments. The company is now stepping up the efforts to provide its proprietary technologies to more partners, bringing immersive contents to a wider audience.

Expanding its reach, 4DREPLAY will be providing 4DReplay service to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) for football broadcasts scheduled in December 2021. 4DReplay will be offered exclusively on FOX Sports' official mobile application. 4DREPLAY is also bringing 4DLive on the mobile application, allowing fans to capture every angle from their favorite games with instant replay feature, which was only used by referees in the past.

4DReplay and 4DLive became available on the FOX Sports app for the matches between Maryland and Ohio State (October 9th), Michigan and Michigan State (October 30th), and Ohio State and Michigan (November 27th). The Ohio State's game against Michigan was held at the Michigan Stadium, which is the largest stadium in the United States, and the 4DReplay and 4DLive services played a key role in conveying the scale of the event and excitement of the on-site viewing experience to fans watching the game from home.

On December 4th, spectators will be able to enjoy the thrilling experience provided by 4DReplay and 4DLive services once again watching the Big Ten (B1G) Football Championship Game on the FOX Sports App. Taking place at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, the game is an annual event held by the Big Ten Conference, the oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference in the United States. The match, between the West and East division champions is one of the most exciting and action-packed sporting events of each year.

"Our mission is to create an unprecedented viewing experience through technology," said Hongsu Jung, CEO of 4DREPLAY. "While an increasing number of spectators are returning to in-person sporting events, a large number of people remain hesitant about physical attendance. We will continue our relentless efforts to deliver the excitement of live games and entertainment to spectators everywhere, including at home, with even more details enabled by our 4DReplay and 4DLive solutions."

Meanwhile, 4DREPLAY also revealed its expansion into the entertainment industry, announcing its production of Korea's first 4D interactive web drama with 4DReplay solution. 4DREPLAY will also offer interactive features such as zooming in and out as well as rewinding of scenes from any angle. 4DREPLAY expects this will create a new interactive and immersive content experience, going beyond passive watching.

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4DREPLAY ( is a unique video-making company based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. "4DReplay", a bullet-time camera technology, and "4DLive", a mobile-based, real-time, multi-view video streaming service, are being applied to sports, films, dramas, and music videos, for the fresh sense of realism they provide. These technologies are gaining recognition as some of the most innovative technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, presenting a new immersive viewing experience to fans worldwide. As a leading global media firm with offices in the United States, Korea and Japan, 4DREPLAY is continuing to grow through collaborations with professionals worldwide as well as based on its deep insight and pioneering spirit. Under the slogan "Creating Experiences", the firm offers users cutting-edge video technologies.

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