The 4Paradigm empowers accounting and builds an intelligent knowledge mining and decision-making system

BEIJING, July 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, China's earliest established and most influential accounting firm -- Lixin Certified Public Accountants entered into a collaboration with the 4Paradigm. With the help of the 4Paradigm AI technology and product capabilities, Lixin will build a system to support intelligent industry research, knowledge integration and decision-making capabilities that meet business needs and provide strong support for the intelligent transformation of Lixin Accounting Firm.

The quick speed access to all parties information, analysis and integration is one of the major accounting firms the ability to settle down. In the context of globalization and digitization, accounting firms will inevitably cope with the explosive growth of information, the expansion of the scope of audit work, and the increasing complexity and variety of risks. The past purely manual work methods are no longer satisfactory in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and real-time performance. With the business needs in the information age, the intelligent transformation of accounting firms is imminent.

Lixin Certified Public Accountants actively promotes the exploration of intelligent transformation with artificial intelligence as the core. With the support of AI technologies and products such as fourth-paradigm machine learning and natural language processing, the core business capabilities are independently and intelligently upgraded. To enable them to quickly access the vast amounts of information and accurate analysis, to achieve growth in both accuracy and efficiency of the analysis of analysis, on the basis of ensuring 95% accuracy, it saves about 80% of the workload, accelerates the efficiency of the circulation and utilization of business effective information within the enterprise, and further enlarges the business value.

In the future, the two parties will continue to cooperate around the intelligent transformation of accounting, continuously improve the work, service efficiency and decision-making level of the enterprise, to stimulate business potential.