The 4th ASEAN Marketing Summit Millennials: Generations That Attract Marketers' Attention

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The international-scale marketing event of the ASEAN Marketing Summit was held again this year. An event that brings together marketers and business people, with the policy makers present every year, to discuss various interesting issues in the business, market, and industry sectors in the ASEAN region.

In this fourth year, the issue discussed is "Marketing to ASEAN Millennials". Since the millennial market, commonly called gene Y or the younger generation, is the largest population in the region, it becomes the majority target market for brands.

Moreover, the millennial generation is a generation that is difficult to engage. Judging from the era, millennial is the generation in which internet-driven technology development is growing rapidly, and was born between 1984 and 1996. Their lifestyle has become fast, instant, and difficult to be loyal to one brand.

"But with the encouragement of technology, millennials become creative, active and innovative. Plus, they get better education than their predecessors. So millennials can absorb information well and are active on social media," said Chairman & Founder of MarkPlus, Inc. Hermawan Kartajaya, as the organizer of The 4th ASEAN Marketing Summit, at Raffles Jakarta on Thursday (6/9) 2018.

In addition, they have a preference for traveling, shopping not only offline but also online through e-commerce platforms, to consumptive patterns that make them acquainted with various financial products such as credit cards.

With these various facts and classifications, the 4th ASEAN Marketing Summit presented speakers who will provide latest insights on millennial markets, shopping habits, the digital and traveling world, and how to attract millennial attention through various online platforms.

Opened by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Retno Marsudi, The 4th ASEAN Marketing Summit presented the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia Arief Yahya presenting material that was starting to develop and was being developed namely Nomadic Tourists: Digital and Millennials.

Nomadic tourism itself is a new traveling style where tourists can stay within a certain period of time in a destination, with accommodation or portable amenities so that they can move around. Examples are using a caravan, through the concept of glamping (glamor camping), or also homepod.

Several speakers from various global brands and agencies included: Founder and Managing Director of People Branding (Amsterdam and China) Jorg van den Hoven, Asia Pacific Corporate Marketing and Communications Vice President Amadeus Karun Budhraja, and President and Managing Director of Arlene Padua Worldwide Post10.

Local speakers also provided insights, including Indonesia's Country Director of Facebook Sri Widowati, Google's Head of Marketing, Google Veronica Utami, Business Development Director of LINE Corp Revie Sylviana, and the CEO and Co-Founder of SociaBuzz Indonesia Rade Tampubolon.

Hermawan Kartajaya himself will carry the theme ASEAN Millennials: The Next Engine of Growth as he said, "Millennials themselves already have buying power. Even some have become executive leaders in various companies. This means that the future of the global economy is in the hands of millennials. Through the 4th ASEAN Marketing Summit, those who target millennials must speak their language, follow the trend, until understanding what millennials care most, "Hermawan continued.

In addition to summit events with various interesting themes, there was also a celebratory gathering from Singapore called Singapore Night -- an event which was organized to commemorate the ASEAN Chairmanship of Singapore in 2018. The event featured H.E. Ambassador Tan Hung Seng, Singapore Permanent Representative to ASEAN, as the Honorary Host, and Roger Wang, President, Marketing Institute of Singapore.

In his welcoming remarks, Ambassador Tan Hung Seng reiterated the importance of Resilience and Innovation as the two main themes of ASEAN's Chairmanship of Singapore and how it correlated with marketing to ASEAN millennials. "Just as businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to cater to ASEAN millennials, similarly, ASEAN must adapt to the rapidly evolving regional and global strategic and economic landscape. The objective of Singapore's ASEAN Chairmanship is to future-proof ASEAN as we respond to new and emerging trends," said Ambassador Tan Hung Seng

Roger Wang also said "We want to have a better role in ASEAN, through technological advances and innovation. So we can work collectively towards providing more benefits to the marketing community in ASEAN in the future, "said Roger Wang, President of Marketing Institute of Singapore, as the Host of Singapore Night.

He also reiterated the importance of marketing to allow local champions in ASEAN go regional and even global. "Because in the future, ASEAN will become one of the new world powers, especially from the economic sector," said Hermawan.

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