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A 5-bedroom penthouse in Simei with modern and sophisticated features

A 5-bedroom penthouse in Simei with modern and sophisticated features

WHERE: A couple and their three teenage children

HOME: Five-bedroom penthouse apartment in Simei

SIZE: 2,700sqf

After 10 years in their penthouse apartment, Mr & Mrs Mah felt they needed a change of scenery.

Instead of moving out, however, the couple tasked Kelvin Bing from Renaissance Planners & Designers to give their beloved family home a makeover.

The anchor feature of the home, located in the dining area, reflects the heart and soul of the Mah family. "The family gathers in the dining room not only for meals and catch-ups, but also to conduct weekly Bible studies. This inspired me to fashion a screen that projects Bible verses which they can change, or that can be switched to regular television mode any time," says Kelvin.


The screen is incorporated into a series of floor-to-ceiling cabinets, which the client had requested, to accommodate the family's growing storage needs. The cabinets are clad in a dark mahogany finish which, when complemented with other minimalist yet luxurious elements such as a plush sofa upholstered in a lustrous pink fabric, as well a marble table, helps to create a Modernist interior that is sophisticated and timeless.

Upstairs, the master suite oozes a luxury boutique hotel ambience. After reorganising the once-narrow layout, the bathroom now features a double vanity and a sunken bathtub, and is dressed in textured travertine tiles. Lastly, the sleeping area maintains a fresh yet restful look, due to a dijon yellow fabric headboard that adds warmth to the room.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.

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