"5-Day Challenge in Henan" ended successfully, assisting the expansion of Henan's overseas tourism market

"5-Day Challenge in Henan" ended successfully, assisting the expansion of Henan's overseas tourism market

KAIFENG, China, Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the "5-Day Challenge in Henan," sponsored by Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province was officially launched. Through the recruitment on overseas social media in the early stage, Lola Aliman from Moldova and Lee Taekeon from South Korea were invited to participate in the activity in Henan to experience local customs and culture.

Exploring the History and Culture, Sharing the Beauty of Henan

The challenge lasted five days, during which a variety of interesting interactive games and historical and cultural exploration projects were designed for the participants:

  • Day 1, they arrived in "Di Yi Lou", a time-honored restaurant in Henan, to challenge themselves to make small steamed buns.
  • Day 2, they fulfilled the task to find the "Treasure of the Museum" in Luoyang Museum.
  • Day 3, they went to Wangwushan Scenic Area to reach the peak.
  • Day 4, they completed the challenge project to look for the swans.
  • Day 5, they experienced Shanzhou Paper-cutting and grass printing in Shanzhou Silo cave.

All those innovative challenges let the guests experience the antique architecture, the magnificent landscape and the fantastic intangible cultural heritage in Henan, leaving the guests with good memories and deep impressions.

The two guests said that the "5-Day Challenge in Henan" brought them unprecedented and wonderful experiences. After they returned home, they would spread what they had seen and heard, local customs and culture on social media, sharing the beauty and charm of Henan to the whole world. 

Building Tourism Resort, Expanding Overseas Tourism Market

As more and more tourists come to travel in China, many domestic scenic spots are trying to go abroad and actively carry out overseas tourism marketing, hoping to let the world see the beauty of China.

"5-Day Challenge in Henan" is an important measure for Cultural and Tourism Department of Henan Province to actively implement overseas tourism marketing strategy. The success of the activity confirms Henan's determination to develop the inbound tourism. Moreover, it is of great significance for Henan to further expand the overseas tourism market and accelerate the construction of internationally famous tourist destinations.

It can be expected that Henan will gradually become a new tourism destination with international tourism resources and strategic channels, growing into the next center for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. In the future, there will be more and more overseas tourists to visit Henan, enjoying the legendary scenery and admiring the ancient culture that has been passed down for thousands of years!

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