5v5 Esports brings a strong Malaysian Esports team to reclaim their worth in the international tournament against China in the 2018 national Esports tournament

5v5 Esports is ready for another tournament and this time the stakes are high!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- August 6th, was a sad day for Malaysia but it wasn't the end of the world. The one thing that makes the Malaysian Esports players one of the top-notch game players in the world is their ability to soldier on. 5v5 Esports believes that Malaysian players can claim their place on the world stage and bring honor to the Malaysian flag in the next ASEAN tournament. And, to make sure Malaysia has its place in Esports, 5v5 has dedicated its resources to build a strong Malaysian Esports team through its 2018 national Esports tournament.

More than a hundred teams have registered for the tournament, making 5v5 one of the biggest tournaments for mobile Esports gamers in Malaysia. In comparison to past Esports game organizers, this tournament drew a larger group of Esports fans and players, making it a substantial platform for hardcore Esports players who have never had the opportunity to battle on a national stage that would give them the opportunity to build their skills.

With more than a hundred teams playing from all over Malaysia, the stakes are high, the energy level is soaring, and the teams are enthusiastic to prove who's #1. This is their chance to win back a significant position that honours their country. Although the prize for the competition is not as tremendous as one would hope, but the opportunity to play against teams from 13 different states is worth millions alone. 5v5 has made this tournament a hassle-free and affordable process for all Esports players in Malaysia with an aim to build a strong Malaysian Esports team that can prove to be a champion in the next ASEAN tournament organized by Tencent China.

Following the loss of M8H and KT on two different occasions in China, Malaysian mobile Esports teams have a bigger responsibility to bear. And, with this online tournament, there's a chance for Malaysian Esports players to prove their worth and bring back the joy and happiness that they owe their fans.

5v5 Esports Sdn Bhd is a Private Limited Company in Malaysia. It is a leading organizer of Mobile Esports and hosts internationally celebrated tournament that offers Esports' gamers a unique opportunity to gain recognition and achieve their dreams as Esports gamers. 5v5 Esports currently has two offices located in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia and Shanghai, china.

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