6 storage hacks for small bedrooms

Got limited square footage in the bedroom? Try these storage solutions.

Having a small space should not hinder you from achieving the bedroom you've always wanted.

Try these storage hacks to help you get the most out of your bedroom space:

1. Maximise the space under your bed.

The easiest way is to buy a storage bed where you can stow your sweaters, purses, or even shoes.

If you're feeling a bit artsy, you can create your own by choosing nice little containers and tucking them in.

You can also keep vintage suitcases that complement your bed and turn them into valuable storage spaces.

Check out these IKEA and Cellini storage beds.

2. Invest in multi-functional furniture.

There's nothing more space-saving than having furniture pieces that serve more than one function.

Instead of having a table, why don't you choose an ottoman which can also be used as a chair and a coffee table?

You can also look for a bench that doubles as storage for your shoes.

3. Turn your headboard into a bookshelf.

Not all rooms need a bookshelf but if you've got lots of them, then your headboard may be the perfect place to house your huge collection.

It not only saves you extra floor space but it also adds personality to your room.

4. Install shelves near the ceiling.

Another great way to place shelves in a small room is putting them inches below your ceiling especially for items you don't frequently need.

You can also have a storage shelf above your door!

5. Choose your nightstand wisely.

Aside from holding your night light, your bedside table should also double as a cabinet or a shelf for other items like books, gadgets, or even jewelleries.

You can also ditch the nightstand and just mount a lamp on the wall.

6. Use a foldable table instead of a stationary desk.

If you've got less space, choosing foldable items is the way to go.

Check out fold-down desks which you can stow away when not in use.

Sometimes, you won't need a chair too because you can use the table while sitting at the edge of your bed.