62% of all Internet traffic in Asia Pacific will cross Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) by 2021[1]

Enterprises, big and small, are shifting to CDNs. Find out why from CDNetworks at the Cloud Expo Asia 2017, Singapore.

SINGAPORE, Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In the online world which is getting faster and bigger, China and Southeast Asia are set to play an increasingly important role with its huge number of Internet users and rapid growth of digital, mobile and social media activities. In light of that, CDNetworks will be sharing how enterprises can tap on a cloud-vendor ecosystem for success in Southeast Asia at the upcoming Cloud Expo Asia 2017, Singapore.

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Ecommerce takes China by storm
Ecommerce takes China by storm


Extending your web business into China
Extending your web business into China


Slow websites slow down your business
Slow websites slow down your business


Why online game sites need a CDN
Why online game sites need a CDN

China has over 731 million Internet users (as at end 2016)[2] while SEA has more than 320 million Internet users (as at January 2017).[3] For SEA, the current figure of Internet users represents more than half the population with huge potential for growth. According to Frost and Sullivan, SEA will become one of the world's fastest-growing regions for e-commerce revenues, exceeding US$25 billion by 2020.[4]

Majority of Internet users in China and SEA's emerging markets are mobile natives and expect "Everything as a Service". They have little consumer loyalty and patience, and shift their time, and online spending, to sites that can offer them smooth and seamless experiences.

This demand for seamless Web and mobile experience has led the bulk of Internet traffic to flow over Content Delivery Networks, or CDNs. Users who are well-served by CDNs will have better online experiences -- buffer-free videos and movies, lag-free gaming and smooth transactions. Cisco predicts that 62% of all Internet traffic in Asia Pacific will cross CDNs by 2021.

CDNs is the solution for emerging markets in SEA

With the highly fragmented IT infrastructure and complex regulations in the SEA markets, enterprises, from small and medium businesses to global corporations, will benefit from partnering CDNs in their foray into these markets. 

For instance, a CDN with their private networks, well-established infrastructure and local knowledge of emerging markets can help companies navigate local regulations and optimise the performance of their websites and applications based on local/regional telco partnerships, thus providing the best user experience.

Besides optimising web performance for enterprises, a CDN also brings other benefits such as added security (which is a topmost concern for every online business), availability of content even under high-stress situations and data intelligence for insights into customer behaviour.

With its global network of PoPs in more than 100 cities worldwide, CDNetworks is uniquely positioned to partner enterprises, regional telcos, system integrators and cloud vendors to deliver revenue growth in emerging markets. Businesses can also leverage its existing infrastructure and partnerships to accelerate content, e-commerce transactions, videos, voice, games and applications to emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, China and Russia.

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Wed, 11 October 2017


13:00 - 13:25

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Success in Southeast Asia: Building a Regional Cloud-Vendor Ecosystem.

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