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7-SELECT invites you to a Chocolate Winter Wonderland With the Launch of 5 Brand New Chocolate Delights

7-SELECT invites you to a Chocolate Winter Wonderland  With the Launch of 5 Brand New Chocolate Delights

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 11 December 2020 - What better time is there than winter to indulge yourself with a chocolate treat? It's the perfect pick-me-up when the weather turns chilly! In this update, 7-SELECT is proud to present a range of tempting seasonal delights so you can enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate anytime, anywhere.

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Soft fluffy bread and rich chocolate -- a match made in heaven!

Bread lovers with a sweet tooth, look no further! The 7-SELECT Chocolate Cream Roll ($10) is every chocoholic's dream. Rich chocolate cream and choc chips are sandwiched in a soft and fluffy Japanese style bread bun made using authentic Japanese flour. With every bite, you'll savour the smoothness of the whipped cream and the intense chocolate flavours of the choc chips. Or try the 7-SELECT Chocolate Melon Bread ($10). Chocolate cream inside a chocolate bun drizzled with even more chocolate -- it's a veritable chocolate triple threat!

Chocolate desserts to put a smile on your face

Treat yourself to dessert anytime of the day with 7-Eleven! Introducing the 7-SELECT Chocolate Cream Puff ($13), sourced directly from Japan. Each puff is generously filled with indulgent chocolate cream, so you'll experience a rich chocolate hit with every mouthful. Or try the crowd-pleaser that is the 7-SELECT Chocolate Cream Mille Crepe ($21) in which smooth tasting chocolate cream is layered between a multitude of fine crepes. And finally, experience the 7-SELECT Chocolate Mousse Rose-Style Cake ($21) -- an exquisite Instaworthy dessert that looks as divine as it tastes. It's the perfect little gift for that special someone or, even better, for yourself!

* All stated prices are valid from 9 December - 22 December 2020. Prices might change without notification. Product price shown at the store will be final.

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