7 types of people you're likely to meet at office Xmas parties

7 types of people you're likely to meet at office Xmas parties

We love parties. And we also dread them - especially when the guest list is beyond our control.

At year-end gatherings, we meet all sorts and have to put up with those whom we would rather not share a table with at other times of the year.

But such diversity does make an unforgettable party, which you'll talk about even after you have taken down the Christmas tree.

Put any differences aside, and enjoy the bash as much as you can. Even if it means having to deal with difficult types firmly, and hopefully, with some tact.

And be an angel too: Help brighten the moments for those who need a friendly nudge to savour the joy of the season.

Here's what you can do with a sprinkle of mischief when you meet these stereotypes at an office party.

The Party Pooper

He'll go on and on about the miserable year-end bonus or the gloomy prospects for the coming year.

Or he could be a food snob who is disdainful of budget party food and tells you where to get the best turkey and ham while you're slicing a roast.

Your move: Show him the knife and declare how lucky you are to be alive as you flash your biggest smile.

The Paiseh Guy

He is shy, he is awkward. And blends into the crowd like a wallflower.

This self-conscious guy plays safe by following herd behaviour - like letting others rush for the food first, before joining them at the tail-end of the queue.

He secretly wants to take part in games or befriend a hottie that he's just spotted but too shy to act.

Your move: Start a conversation about the delicious chips as you pass them to him, and offer a beer to help him open up more.

The Sian King

He looks as bored as the half-eaten turkey, but tries to show interest with an occasional smile that looks as artificial as the snow decoration.

He's actually more interested in texting on his mobile than what's going on around him. It's holiday season, so he's probably more keen to celebrate it with his secret love elsewhere than be with the same boring circle of work mates.

Your move: Tell him you need him as a prop for your amazing lap dance.

The Fashion Flasher

She ups her fashion quotient by several notches to catch everyone's attention at the most important party of the year.

Everything on her, from top to toe, seems sparkling new. She tells you her Kate Spade clutch is from the latest collection.

Your move: Flatter her good taste first and then her her know that your own fashion sense is even faster - thanks to H & M's ever-changing trend. 

The Boozer

He's already as red as the Bordeaux, but is happy doing the rounds to exchange endless toasts, especially with alluring newcomers.

While swirling his wine in one hand, his other hand might be exploring someone's hip especially if he thinks the other party shows interest too.

Your move: If you're the victim, tell him how you managed to thwart a train molester after graduating from MMA school and that your nearest and dearest was the trainer.

The Gossip-monger

This person thrives on gossip to boost his importance. He or she usually knows who's having an affair with whom.

At the party, the gossiper will be primed to see who's hitting on whom as he looks for new fodder to feed his gaggle of supporters.

Your move: If he offers to share a juicy discovery, tell him your new year resolution is more exciting: That you love yourself so much you need to schedule more time for soul moments with yourself.

The Ta Pao Queen

You see her relishing her food like a kid and going back for more helpings.

Her eyes are glued to the buffet mountain, monitoring how fast the food is disappearing with nervousness as if the platters would be wiped clean all too soon.

Finally, she pops the courageous question: Do you all want any more? If not, I will ta pao home.

Your move: Offer to help her pack the food. Why let it go to waste? You never know she might be distributing the food to the poor in her neighbourhood.


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