7-year-old YouTube star earns US$22m from toy reviews

PHOTO: YouTube/Ryan Toys Review

Ryan, the 7-year-old YouTube star, earned over US$22 million (S$30 million) by just playing with toys and telling other kids about them.

The young online star, and presumably his parents, used a fairly simple concept to earn his millions: have a kid give a kid's perspective about kids' toys. From March 2015, the YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview grew to prominence and now commands over 17 million subscribers.

Ryan's current earnings of $22 million is 12 months' worth of income leading up to June 1, 2018. He is also the eighth-highest paid YouTube Star to date. as reported by Forbes.

The income came mostly from pre-roll advertising on his YouTube channel and Ryan's Family Review. The revenue goes up every time views go up and his videos often average around 10 million views for a 10-30 minute footage. The smaller portion of Ryan's income came from sponsored posts.

As a minor, 15 per cent of his earnings are funnelled to what's called a Coogan account. There his money will be protected until Ryan is of legal age. Some of his earnings then go to production fees and for purchasing toys for the show.

"I'm entertaining and I'm funny," said Ryan in a separate report by NBC News.

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