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777 Travel Technology becomes "GO7" with a mission to give airlines more control and flexibility

777 Travel Technology becomes "GO7" with a mission to give airlines more control and flexibility

With 185 airline customers, over 100 employees, and 7 locations, GO7 is ready to support the industry's big ambitions, give back control to airlines and accelerate their commercial performance.

LONDON and MIAMI and TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GO7, formerly 777 Travel, has launched its new brand today as part of a broader strategy to unify its teams, processes, and corporate portfolio around its core mission to transform travel brands by putting power back into their hands. The launch of GO7 is a key milestone in a multi-year strategy of behind-the-scenes re-architecting of traditional airline solutions and the acquisitions of Air Black Box, WorldTicket and AeroCRS.

Adam Weiss, Head of Aviation Vertical, 777 Partners, said, "The GO7 brand reflects a growing recognition across the industry for greater ability and agility to innovate stagnant business models.  At its core, GO7 unencumbers airlines and travel brands from how they've conventionally operated.  The brand is about big, digital thinking, modularity and interoperability, and empowering airlines to open evolutionary revenue and distribution channels." 

GO7 cements 777 Partners' ambitious travel technology strategy, which focuses on delivering solutions that create new commerce channels for airlines and travel companies and improve next-generation retailing, distribution, interlining, and passenger connectivity.

Meir Hadassi Turner, CEO of GO7, added, "There's more passion and desire for travel from consumers than ever before, and demand is surging from new places and new operators. GO7 is an exciting moment for us and a key milestone in our journey to help airlines and travel brands meet this demand, generate more dynamic experiences and accelerate revenue growth without adding layers of complexity," continues Turner. "This moment also recognises our valued customers and partners who have supported this journey and will be at the centre of everything through our next chapter."

The travel technology units within GO7 already provide solutions for over 185 network, low-cost carriers, regional airlines and rail operations globally. These include global ticketing and distribution services, enabling airlines to easily expand their reach in key and underserved markets without compromising resources or revenue quality. Other solutions include next-generation passenger service systems, loyalty and payment platforms, and interlining, baggage, and disruption solutions that make it easier to create connected journeys for customers and generate revenue efficiently across an airline's operations. 

James Millett, Group Aviation & GO7 CMO, said, "GO7 is an exciting new brand that captures the spirit and scale of our ambition in travel technology. We're a challenger brand built on deep travel experience, full of talented colleagues with a passion for applying cutting-edge technology to address opportunities in airlines that move the dial. GO7 is a brand platform that embodies the energy, momentum, pace and optimism of this valuable purpose and mission."

With a leadership team rich with industry experience and passionate in its commitment to further democratise air travel and reimagine the travel experience, GO7 is poised to play a major role in industry restructuring at a time when a true transformation is essential for travel brands. GO7 is not just another travel technology company; it's a catalyst for change and advancing the air travel industry. 

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About GO7 
GO7 represents a new approach to travel technology, united by a core belief to give control back to airlines and other travel operators through flexible, customer-centric technology. GO7's suite of integrated solutions allows airlines to transform their commercial operations using modern, agile technology flexibly designed as a 'one-stop' or bespoke solution. GO7's foundations are proven, with over 185 airlines globally already using GO7 for ticketing and distribution, passenger servicing, loyalty, payments, interlining, baggage management and operational consulting. Visit to learn more.

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