8 stunning decorating tips from an interior designer that will make any bedroom look better

As much as we love our stuff, there comes a point when it begins to feel like you have too much. Some girls like to try and keep clutter to a minimum regularly, while others prefer to do it every couple of months (or more), but let's admit it: all of us wish we could transform that purge into something a bit prettier.

Design consultant Sio Lim, who runs her own business Slim Studio out of her home, shares some easy tips that look good whether you live at home or on your own.

Bedside table

"This area should be kept minimalistic as clutter can give you bad sleep. It's good to keep things to just the essentials here. Whatever you need but nothing else. For me that's just a good bedside lamp for light, incense and also a bottle of water. These ones from IKEA are great because of the sealable lid. Anything else can go into the drawers."

Vanity table

"I think the best thing you can do for your makeup and jewellery area is compartmentalise and display them the way they're meant to be worn. The rod prevents my necklaces from tangling and because they're hanging, it helps me visualise what to wear with them."

"Keep only your essentials on the table. I also keep my shoes in the same area beneath the table to help me accessorise as well."

Reading area

"I find lying in bed too long unhealthy, so I created a small space with a chair (comfortable chairs are very important), where I can read. Its also where my bookshelf is but I use it to put bags as well which makes it more interesting."

"Mix display items that are both pretty and also functional (like the mirror). A plant or two can also help with dust. You also don't need to get a fancy chair, just find something that's already in the house which people won't miss."

Window/display areas

"If you like collecting things when you travel, it's good to spread out your purchases to things don't look too visually cluttered. It also helps to make your whole room look pretty instead of just one area. It's nice to come home to a place that looks visually inviting."


"My desk is important because I work from home. Organisation is very important. We might be in the digital age but when you have paper around it can cause major clutter, so as old school as it might be, I think folders and binders are a must. Spread out some display items and trinkets so things don't look too boring, and again, a good lamp."

"I try to keep my desk 30 to 50 per cent clear of stuff. It's easier to move things around. It's good to be ruthless in this area and throw things away. For me the worst thing is wiring - try to hide it behind something nice like a photo or a picture frame. A laptop stand is also a practical buy as it keeps your desk and computer from getting too hot."

This story was originally published on CLEO, March 13, 2017.