8 ways to relax if you're a workaholic

We all experience times where we're overwhelmed by work or can't seem to switch off after we've left the office.

Here are 8 ways to help you relax if you're a workaholic. 

1. Admit it 

Recognise when your commitment to work has become a problem. 

2. Talk to a therapist

Talking out frustrations will get you closer to a healthy work-life balance. 

3. Restrict your working hours 

Working 10-12 hour days is definitely bad for you, so practise self-care first. 

4. Get a hobby. 

It's good to do something outside of working, sleeping and eating. 

5. Turn if off

When you're outside of work, be present with your loved ones. 

6. Don't stretch yourself too thin 

It's all too easy to overwork yourself during work hours as well. 

7. Always take your lunch breaks

Give your mind the break it needs and don't multi-task during lunch. 

8. Stick to your personal calendar

Do not prioritise your work responsibilities over relationships.