9 office hacks for a more productive day

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Having a dull day in the office? Make full use of your hours with these hacks.

1. Change your attitude

Take control of your perspective and happiness.

2. Play upbeat music

Sometimes we need a shock to our senses to inspire a creative flow.

3. Go for a walk

Taking a five-minute walk in between tasks can help refresh your brain.

4. Take a break and do something you enjoy

Play a three-minute game, read an article or have a quick chat with a friend.

5. Set designated times to check emails

You'll free up time to work on more pressing matters.

6. Turn on do not disturb

It's hard to concentrate when you're getting notified every 30 seconds.

7. Let go of competition

The more we compete with our peers, the less confidence we have.

8. Think big picture

It's up to you to find the appreciation and self-worth of your accomplishments.

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