A fabulous high-altitude gourmet feast presented by Hainan Airlines Cabin Chef

HAIKOU, China, April 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The soft and tender low-heat, slow-baked salmon, melts in the mouth, the cod fish soup with green beans, mint, garlic and cream, is fresh and mellow, and the fried sea bass with lemon vinegar dotted with wheatgrass is slightly sweet and refreshing as a sea breeze. These exquisite meals are not in the menu of a five-star restaurant, but prepared by the Hainan Airlines Cabin Chef for our business class patrons at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Hainan Airlines has won the SKYTRAX Global Five-star Airlines award for eight consecutive years. Keeping in mind our passengers' needs, we have created a substantial upgrade to our in-flight catering. Hainan Airlines is the first airline in mainland China to cooperate with renowned Michelin-star restaurants to create unique in-flight meals. We have hired senior Chinese and Western restaurant experts Mao Lei and Christophe Camacho, and 11 renowned Michelin-star and five-star restaurant chefs such as Dong Zhenxiang, Alyn Williams and Brent Savage to jointly design the menu. The dishes will be carefully prepared by our Cabin Chef, providing our passengers with a unique dining experience.

Refining skills

Since August 2016, Hainan Airlines has arranged Cabin Chef to handle in-flight catering services for the business class on all long-distance international routes.

"Cooking food is like drawing a picture or designing a beautiful building or presenting a piece of art. To create good food, you need not just a sudden inspiration but also a solid foundation. You need a certain amount of knowledge about food and life in general," said Wang Fei, a Hainan Airlines Cabin Chef. Our Cabin Chef have extensive experience in catering to the business class on our international routes, and are provided with special training such as in-flight grill and presentation skills, coffee and baking knowledge, champagne and wine history and wine making skills, etc. At the same time, to ensure that our Cabin Chef are up to date with respect to in-flight catering, our senior catering managers arrange exchange programs with leading domestic and international in-flight catering companies and famous chefs from around the world.

Our training assures that Cabin Chef are culinary experts with an in-depth understanding of food processing, cooking skills and presentation. They have professional knowledge with respect to in-flight meals, and can provide a unique perspective on color, flavor and taste of food, as well as recommend in-flight meals in accordance with the personal tastes of business class travelers.

Private chef experience

When serving on board, the Cabin Chef introduces the route's special dining experience launched for the current season, and can recommend the appropriate aperitif, as well as during dinner and after-dinner drinks based on the tastes and preferences of the passengers. The Cabin Chef are encouraged to converse with passengers and explain to them the main course, the food's origin, cooking method, side dishes, meat processing and cutting skills, etc. Passengers can learn about the variety, origin, raw materials, vintage, taste and suitable dishes, which will greatly enrich their dining experience. The Cabin Chef strictly control the preparation of each meal, from the amount of heating, seasoning, presentation, embellishment and serving. As masters of color coordination, the Cabin Chef ensure that the dishes have unique colors and textures, to stimulate the taste buds of passengers. The Cabin Chef conclude the meal with beautifully prepared desserts and after-dinner wine. Passengers can enjoy a delectable selection of desserts, bringing a fabulous meal in the clouds to a conclusion. While enjoying this culinary journey, passengers are welcome to talk with our Cabin Chef, who represent Hainan Airlines and are the perfect hosts.

In the future, Hainan Airlines will continue to expand our "Cabin Chef" program. We will seek more partners in the field of high-end services, optimize international standards and meal design with Chinese characteristics, select fresh ingredients from across the world, and train top Cabin Chef to continue to improve the quality of our five-star service, building a professional and confident service team. Bringing delectable seasonal ingredients to the clouds and creating exceptional cuisine, Hainan Airlines sincerely invites you to come join us on our in-flight gourmet feast.

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