A7 Global Launch: ILIFE All-New Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

SHENZHEN, China, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ILIFE, a world renowned robot vacuum brand, has launched "A7" worldwide on Amazon and AliExpress as a premium addition to its A-series. A7 features the Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning System which is applied to ILIFE's top model "A8" launched at this year's CES.

Intelligent, thoughtful and highly efficient, A7 is a "Robot Cleaner with Senses".
Intelligent, thoughtful and highly efficient, A7 is a "Robot Cleaner with Senses".

The CyclonePower Cleaning System enables A7 to perform high-efficiency cleaning and tackle complex cleaning tasks. Offering practical home cleaning solutions, A7 is designed to become a part of the family, thinking what the user thinks and caring for what the user cares for. Intelligent, thoughtful and highly efficient, A7 is a "Robot Cleaner with Senses."

Exceptional Cleaning Effectiveness: Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning System

Under the guidance of the Gen 3 CyclonePower Cleaning System, A7 performs methodical, deep and thorough cleaning in a single operation with triple-headed side brushes, floating rolling brush and powerful suction.

  • Side brushes: Medium elastic bristles are precisely engineered to a size that can maximize dust pickups.
  • Floating rolling brush: Designed to facilitate effective dirt extraction and deep carpet and hard floor cleaning by intelligently adjusting to floor height variances.
  • Powerful suction: Employing the principles of aerodynamics, the fully sealed air duct reduces wind resistance and generates powerful suction.

And A7 takes care of different needs with four cleaning modes. Path Mode performs methodical cleaning along a path to achieve maximum coverage and minimum incomplete cleaning. Max Mode cleans with maximum suction, suitable for the first-time thorough cleaning or messy environments. Edge Mode is designed to sweep corners and edges of the walls where most dirt, debris and hair hide. Spot Mode cleans a specific area with strong suction.

User-friendly Display and Operation

A7 represents another stride forward for ILIFE to promote usability and general application of home cleaning artificial intelligence. The LCD display keeps users updated by showing them A7's status, and the IPX4 splash-proof mechanical control panel withstands splashing water from any direction.

A7 can be activated through a multifunctional App, remote control or the button on the body to meet the needs of different users. Scheduling, cleaning mode selection or switching and recharging are a mere touch of the button on the body away, making A7 a child friendly robot vacuum. The screenless remote control receives signals across a straight path within 8 meters from the robot, offering an intuitive control option to middle-aged and elderly users. By connecting A7 to WiFi, users can send commands to A7 through an App – whether it is presetting schedules, selecting cleaning modes, locating A7, or checking cleaning records and accessories status.

Ingeniously Detailed Design:

  • Large Dustbin with High Performance Filters: The 600mL dustbin extends A7's operating time and requires less emptying. The 3-layer high-performance filters capture and filter more dust.
  • Intelligent Anti-Stuck: Equipped with a set of 15 OBS detectors-installed in the nose wheels and in and on the bumper, A7 can make a quick escape when it is stuck between furniture.
  • Ultra-Thin Exterior Design: At only 7.6cm, A7's slim profile allows it to comfortably clean under the furniture, including beds and sofas.
  • IML Technology Utilization: Outfitted with a glossy black top cover, A7 embraces a lasting serene style. Thanks to the IML technology, the glass cover has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance and enduring color and gloss.


ILIFE A7 is now available on AliExpress and Amazon US, UK, France, and will soon land on Amazon Japan, Spain and Canada.


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, ILIFE is a high-tech company specializing in robotic cleaning technology. Having successfully penetrated the global market, ILIFE's sales network reaches over 30 countries and regions, offering technologically advanced, high-quality and cost-effective automated products to the consumers around the world.

"ILIFE" is a combination of the capital letter "I" and the word "LIFE", denoting everyone's pursuit of a better life. Over the past two decades, robot cleaners have helped millions of people around the world to create a clean living environment. As the world's leading robot vacuum manufacturer, ILIFE is dedicated to introduce and promote a smart home ecosystem which allows families and individuals to experience the extraordinary convenience brought by artificial intelligence.

For more information, please visit: www.iliferobot.com.

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