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Accelerating Innovation, Deepening Integration | Viva Biotech Online Investor Day Review

Accelerating Innovation, Deepening Integration | Viva Biotech Online Investor Day Review

SHANGHAI, Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Viva Biotech's Online Investor Day was successfully hosted on December 8, 2020. The management team conducted an online dialogue with nearly 400 investors, focusing on the company's strategy, personnel plans, technology platforms, integration strategic plans, investment incubation, and more.

Dr. Chen Mao, Chairman and CEO of Viva Biotech, shared the market potential for CRO and CDMO companies, as well as the four major trends of the CXO industry. Dr. Mao also elaborated the innovative two-wheel driven business model of Viva Biotech that covers the CFS (Cash for Service) + EFS (Equity for Service). Along with the integration and expansion of the CFS business through the industrial chain and the continued growth of the EFS portfolio, Viva will continue adhering to their mission of "becoming a cradle for innovative biotech companies from around the world" while growing in sync with their achievements.

Mr. Ying Wu, Executive Director and Executive Vice President of Viva Biotech, showed the participants Viva's personnel and site planning for the next few years. Viva Biotech plans to expand its talent construction and supporting facilities, to meet the fast-growing business demands. At the same time, Mr. Ying Wu also showcased the efforts and achievements Viva has made in EHS safety production, employee promotion and motivation, and vocational training.

Dr. Delin Ren, Executive Director and President of Viva Biotech, introduced Viva's world-leading technology platforms in detail. Since its establishment, Viva Biotech has been providing comprehensive new drug R&D services to nearly 500 world's top pharmaceutical and biotech companies based on Viva's excellence in structure-based drug discovery. As well as continuously upgrading and optimizing existing 9 major technology platforms, Viva has also invested heavily in the fields of Cryo-EM, Computational Chemistry/Biology, etc.

Dr. Xueheng Cheng, CTO of Viva Biotech, introduced the ASMS technology platform. As an affinity-based screening technology, ASMS has many advantages over traditional screening methods, such as faster speeds and lower costs, and it can be applied to any protein or compound library. Combined with Viva's technical advantages in discovering protein structures, ASMS platform has completed more than 100 screening projects for clients during the past 3 years, which some of them have progressed to clinical trials.

Mr. Fengmao Hua, Executive Director and CFO of Viva Biotech, Board Chairman of Langhua Pharmaceutical, revealed the future industrial chain layout of Viva and introduced the board members of Langhua Pharmaceutical to investors. As part of the strategic integration with Langhua, Viva will further expand and strengthen its CMC/CDMO capabilities to offer a diverse array of services to clients worldwide.

Ms. Yan Ban, Board Director of Langhua Pharmaceutical, along with Dr. Jianguo Ma, introduced Langhua's current business overview and future development plans. As a pharmaceutical company with strong R&D and manufacturing capability, Langhua is primarily engaged in CDMO business, working on the production of raw materials, intermediates and APIs for small molecule drugs. Langhua Pharmaceutical has accumulated a large number of biomedical industry resources and a global network, along with a mature cooperation ecosystem. The merging of Viva and Langhua will enable Langhua to undertake the downstream CMC/CDMO business from nearly 800 Viva's current clients. In the future, Viva will work with Langhua to increase R&D investment, establish formulation platform, rapidly increase production capacity, continuously improve EHS and quality management system, and provide one-stop service capability from drug discovery to commercial production.

Dr. David Xu, CBO of Viva Biotech, described the development and future prospects of the EFS model. Viva Biotech's investment division, Viva BioInnovator (VBI) keeps expanding its global cooperation network, ensures sustainable high-quality project resources, continuously improves the investment incubation system, and strengthens the scalability and sustainability of EFS business model. As of October 30, 2020, VBI has invested in approximately 60 biotech start-ups, with more than 100 product pipelines. The portfolio companies' financing progress and pipeline R&D has developed smoothly.

Dr. Zhixiong Ye, CSO of Viva Biotech, summarized the service capabilities, decision-making process, and future planning of the EFS incubation platform. Since 2016, the number of EFS R&D projects has increased steadily. Nearly 30% of the projects have completed their early R&D and have been rapidly promoted to PCC stage. With the help of the EFS incubation platform, Dogma Therapeutics has completed the optimization of its PCSK9 small molecule inhibitor lead compound in only one and a half years, and reached an acquisition agreement with AstraZeneca on its oral PCSK9 inhibitor project in September, 2020.

Viva Biotech Online Investor Day aims to establish a transparent and reliable communication platform to effectively communicate with investors. In the future, we will continue to work on direct and efficient communication with investors thus aiming to create more value through dialogue.

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