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Accelerating New Infrastructure Construction and Empowering Smart Cities for High-quality Development

Accelerating New Infrastructure Construction and Empowering Smart Cities for High-quality Development

- The 22nd CHTF China Smart City Expo Ends with Complete Success

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The 22nd China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), which lasted for 5 days, came to a successful conclusion on November 15. As China's first science and technology expo, this year's CHTF attracted over 3,300 exhibitors from all over the world, gathered a host of new technologies and new products, and received global attention, becoming a "wind vane" for the development in technology and industry.

As one of the most popular exhibition halls of the CHTF, the CHTF China Smart City Expo co-organized by the State Information Center and IDG Asia also ended on the same day. With the theme of "Smart Future Linkages", this year's China Smart City Expo is held around the events such as "exhibition, forum, selection, and matching", presenting a professional, forward-looking and leading smart city event.

In the smart city exhibition hall, excellent smart city exhibitors from all over the world showcased cutting-edge technology, top-level design and great solutions in the field of smart cities. At the Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Forum 2020, top experts shared the leading-edge trends, conducted discussion and exchanges based on the cutting-edge field of smart city construction, shared the latest research results, and offered suggestions for the development of smart cities. At the Asia-Pacific Smart City Project Matchmaking Meeting, representatives of cities were matched with the manufacturers, and new progress was made in the interaction of technology and the market. Award-winning cities and manufacturers attracted global attention at the Asia-Pacific Smart City Gala Night 2020.

High popularity thanks to leading manufacturers

The smart city exhibition hall sets up seven zones for smart city ecosystem, cloud computing & big data, mobile applications, smart hardware, artificial intelligence, smart vehicles, Internet of Things, display of smart city achievements, and communication & information technology. Major smart city enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, Ping An, Alibaba Cloud, Inspur, iSoftStone, Hualu, Pactera, Zhengyuan Geomatics, and Tesla held an unparalleled smart city feast for the visitors during the five-day event. It also brings vitality to various sectors of the digital economy such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and smart city.

Managers, operators, service providers and designers in the fields of digital economy and smart city from all over the world harnessed the CHTF China Smart City Expo, an international exchange and exhibition platform, to gain experience and broaden their horizons. According to statistics, this year's CHTF China Smart City Expo with an exhibition area of 10,000+ square meters showcases more than 300 smart city solutions, and attracted 400,000+ visitors.

Heavy-hitter guests exchanged views on smart city

The Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Forum 2020 has one main forum and two parallel forums. With the themes of "Smart Future Linkages, era of new infrastructure, and digital ecosystem", the Forum brought together over one hundred experts in the field of smart city and industry leaders. The participants come from various fields such as government, industry, academia, research institutes, and users. They shared their latest thoughts on smart city with the participants through the knowledge brainstorming, came up with new concepts and ideas about the construction of "smart city", and pointed out the main trend of innovative development of new smart cities in China and even the world.

The Asia-Pacific Smart City Award List 2020 was released at the conference and the Asia-Pacific Smart City Gala Night 2020 was held. As one of the most influential award presentation ceremonies for the Asia-Pacific smart city industry in the Asia-Pacific region, it selects the most representative cases of outstanding smart city construction projects in the Asia-Pacific region, and the most beefiest and influential smart city service providers by means of the neutral stance, a professional perspective, a rigorous selection system and accurate industry analysis each year. It provides excellent case design and construction experience for cities, and selects the suitable service providers for assistance and advice. The annual Asia-Pacific Smart City Selection Event, noted for its stellar professional standards and authority, becomes a milestone in the construction of "smart cities" in the Asia-Pacific region every year.

First held in 2014, CHTF China Smart City Expo has become one of the world's largest and most influential professional events in the fields of smart city technology, industry and thoughts. With the contemporary and global perspective, the annual event brings together top manufacturers, products, solutions, experts, scholars, and industry elites, who draw up the blueprint and path for the construction and development of smart cities through the international, cutting-edge, and forward-looking ideas and perspectives.


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