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Accelerating the next generation of automobiles, ThunderSoft unveils Chongqing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Joint Innovation Institute

Accelerating the next generation of automobiles, ThunderSoft unveils Chongqing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Joint Innovation Institute

CHONGQING, China, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chongqing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Joint Innovation Institute, set up by Chongqing Yubei People's Government and constructed and operated by Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd. ("ThunderSoft"), was officially unveiled and launched today. The institute will focus on uniting the power of the intelligent automobile industry supply chain to promote an intelligent, connected, automated, and shared architecture for the automotive industry and help accelerate the development and innovation of China's intelligent connected vehicles.

The opening ceremony was attended by Zhao Hongfei, Chairman and CEO of ThunderSoft, Li Weishan, Chairman of Chongqing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Joint Innovation Institute, and ecosystem partners from BlackBerry NXP, Sony, Texas Instrument, Savari, Black Sesame, Chongqing Jicheng and Tsintel.

ThunderSoft will operate and manage the newly created institute. As a world-leading intelligent platform technology provider, ThunderSoft has been deploying smart vehicles, and has continued to invest in R&D and innovation for the next generation of smart vehicle technologies. With over 10 years of experience in intelligent operating systems and platform technologies, ThunderSoft is able to provide automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers with complete e-cockpit solutions, leading UI development tools such as Kanzi® UI with its powerful 3D engine and the Kanzi Connect® platform to enable a seamless connected user experience, and automated testing tools to reduce time-to-market. At present, ThunderSoft has been trusted by more than 70 car brands, with its star product Kanzi® powering over 35 brands including Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Karma Automotive, and Ford.

Combining automotive industrial trends and based on local industrial structure, Chongqing has vigorously promoted the development of ten strategic emerging industries including smart vehicles, building a large industrial cluster for automobiles. Chongqing Yubei is the largest automobile manufacturing base within Chongqing.

The newly created Chongqing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Joint Innovation Institute aims to unite chipset vendors, core embedded software vendors, sensor vendors, core algorithm vendors, ADAS vendors, automobile manufactures, and universities and research institutes to launch research and innovation together in the next generation of intelligent network-related automotive technologies, accelerate the Chongqing local and even global smart vehicle industry, and bring an excellent smart driving experience to end consumers worldwide.

The Institute includes five innovation platforms: intelligent operating system joint innovation platform, intelligent instrument and human-computer interaction joint innovation platform, software evaluation and virtual simulation joint innovation platform, communication and information security joint innovation platform, and intelligent driving joint innovation platform. Meanwhile, ThunderSoft will individually set up an intelligent cockpit laboratory, a radar technology laboratory, an intelligent vision laboratory, an intelligent car operating system laboratory, a human-computer interaction laboratory, an automatic driving laboratory, a visual ADAS laboratory, a vehicle networking and intelligent transportation laboratory, and an instrument laboratory with partners. The nine innovation laboratories are equipped with the world's most advanced research and development equipment.

The Institute provides an open and innovative development platform for the intelligent connected vehicle ecosystem. Leveraging global leading partners' technologies and ThunderSoft's powerful intelligent platform, it helps to advance the industry's technology development and innovation for next-generation connected automobile.

Zhao Hongfei, Chairman and CEO of ThunderSoft, said, "Technology innovation is driving force behind the development of the smart car industry. As a technology-driven enterprise, ThunderSoft attaches great importance to technological innovation and industry supply chain synergy and innovation. We are honored to work together with partners in Chongqing and smart car industry supply chain to accelerate the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry. ThunderSoft will help automotive manufacturers innovate and create excellent driving experience for consumers by utilizing the resources of Chongqing's automobile industry clusters, combining the leading technologies of partners in smart car industry supply chain, technology advantages and R&D capabilities of ThunderSoft in the fields of smart operating systems, artificial intelligence and smart cars."

"We are pleased to participate with ThunderSoft, Qualcomm and other key partners in this important initiative from the Chongqing government to help advance and accelerate the development of the next generation of intelligent and connected cars," said Kaivan Karimi, SVP of sales and marketing for BlackBerry QNX . "We look forward to having our world class technology embedded in cars being manufactured in China. BlackBerry QNX is a leading supplier of foundational embedded software found in over 120 million cars around the world. The numerous tier one suppliers and automotive OEMs located within the Chongqing region, can now get first hand demonstrations of BlackBerry's safety-certified and secure automotive software technologies for integrated cockpit, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)/autonomous driving, gateways, digital instrument clusters, Telematics, V2X  and acoustics systems via this innovation lab."

The era of "software-defined cars" is coming. As the world's leading intelligent platform technology provider, ThunderSoft is committed to providing e-cockpit solutions and HMI development tools with excellent human-computer interaction technology platforms for automobile manufactures and Tier 1s. ThunderSoft welcomes partners from across the industry to accelerate the global automotive intelligent transformation together.

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