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ACG School Jakarta achieve a 100% pass rate in their 2020 Cambridge IGCSE assessments

ACG School Jakarta achieve a 100% pass rate in their 2020 Cambridge IGCSE assessments

ACG School Jakarta's Cambridge IGCSE programme provides a highly effective foundation to better prepare students for further studies.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ACG School Jakarta's 2020 Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) results show an incredibly high level of achievement with students receiving a perfect 100% pass rate. Additionally, 32% of ACG's IGCSE papers received an A grade (80% or better) as the school continues to deliver excellence in education.

ACG School Jakarta's students mark incredible achievement with a perfect 100% pass rate of ICGSE.
ACG School Jakarta's students mark incredible achievement with a perfect 100% pass rate of ICGSE.

One of the main driving factors behind ACG School Jakarta's ongoing success lies in the Cambridge Pathways programme. Specifically designed to meet the needs of students at international schools, they deliver a balanced arrangement of skills, knowledge, and understanding to help students perform at their best.

One of ACG Jakarta's top scholars, Raahim Hadi, achieved an outstanding seven IGCSE A* grades (90% and above) in the recent assessment. Grateful for the support and guidance of his teachers, Raahim believes ACG Jakarta equipped him well with the tools he needed to shine. 

"ACG has played a great role in helping me achieve this result. ACG staff help students reach their full potential by tapping into their interests and providing plenty of additional support outside the classroom, especially through the world's leading online platforms such as Microsoft Office Teams, Office 365 and ManageBac. I think the school definitely lives up to its motto 'Educate, Create, Innovate'."

"I love the multiculturalism, the warm hospitality, and the school's use of IT tools to expand our sources of knowledge and prepare us for the digital future. When moving on to the IBDP [International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme], I plan to be just as successful as I was in IGCSE."

By empowering students to be at the forefront of their learning, ACG Jakarta encourages self-management and allows students to develop a more in-depth understanding of subject content. This independence provides a significant advantage as they progress to the next step on their educational journey -- the IBDP.

The IBDP is a two-year programme for Year 12 and 13 students. And as IBDP studies emphasise the importance of autonomous learning, the skills acquired through IGCSE courses ensure students confidently and comfortably transition to this next level.

"Highly developed approaches to learning are the most crucial set of skills I have learned from ACG's IGCSE preparation course," confirms current IBDP student, Isabel ten Have. "By becoming more independent, I can rely on my own abilities."

"Additionally, the IGCSE programme has permitted me to explore different ways of studying and figure out what suits me best, which is an important skill in advanced IBDP studies."

Developing strong student-teacher relationships is another crucial element which contributes to the school's phenomenal results as Principal Shawn Hutchinson explains.

"A key to our success is having the right people on our team. The right teachers are able to support students as they develop effective approaches to learning skills throughout the two-year IGCSE courses," says Principal Hutchinson. "It serves as a consistent effort of ACG School Jakarta to prepare our students to excel at IGCSE level as well as assisting them in accomplishing great things in their chosen field for the future."

About ACG School Jakarta

An international school for a global education, ACG School Jakarta provides outstanding academic services with proven quality and results in a values-driven, supportive, and diverse environment.

ACG School's dedication to developing the individual is also reflected in their co-curricular activities, including a wide range of musical, sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities. Through top-quality teaching, well-equipped classrooms, pleasant outdoor areas, and a caring environment, ACG School Jakarta offers a modern, safe, and highly stimulating place of learning.

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