Achatsgroup Creates a Sensation in Media Commerce

Achatsgroup featured in New York Times Square

SEOUL, South Korea and NEW YORK, July 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- During this past 2 to 3 years, the Korean media commerce industry is fast growing with outstanding performance in the market. Media commerce is an integration of media and e-commerce, having a business model on which, products can be directly purchased after watching the video contents in social networks through the mobile.

Product image of Achatsgroup’s main brand Cellomon
Product image of Achatsgroup’s main brand Cellomon

The startup company Achatsgroup Co. Ltd. (, just being at its second year, already received a combined total of USD 2 million investment, with USD 1.5 million from Mega Investment.

Achatsgroup has made over USD 3 million worth of revenue, since the establishment of the company last February 2017, led by Vivian Eun Young Lee, CEO of Achatsgroup, who has profound experiences in the old and new media, as well as the finance industry. Vivian Lee is the author of the book "MCN (Multi Channel Network): The Secret to 1 Million Shares" -- a book about the Korean MCN industry -- and also worked in finance companies, namely Eugene Investment & Securities Co. Ltd. and KTB Investment & Securities Co. Ltd., mainly responsible for corporate sales and marketing.

Achatsgroup is actively expanding to daily necessity products. There are around seven thousand search results on the Heartleaf soap in the Korean main search engine but the Hearleaf soap launched by Achatsgroup has claimed the record of being the Top 1 product in its category in social commerce, and ranked 5th in the product review list order, all just in 4 months after the launch.

Their zero-to-one marketing ability has been acknowledged by the industry, as they have earned recognition and made immediate revenue with the launch of their new brand in the market.

Currently, the company is growing to the A to Z business with the partnership of various distribution networks.

Their recently launched sanitizing and deodorizing spray and desiccant products, under the brand called CELLOMON ( which aims to be the "Wise choice of special people", are getting great attention from the consumers.

The whole composition of the mentioned sanitizing and deodorizing spray is purified water and HOCl. HOCl's sanitizing effect reduces 99% of about 20 kinds of fungus and bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, Salmonella, Norovirus, and the deodorizing effect reduces 99% of Ammonia.

HOCl is a safe compound, on which the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety registered as food additive in 2007, and it is a popular compound widely used in many Japanese products.

Achatsgroup strives to develop and manufacture safe daily products, moreover, the foot care, living care, cosmetics and more lineups of products, without any harmful chemical compositions, by working closely and partnering up with carefully selected manufacturers.

The billboard advertisement of Achatsgroup's main brand Cellomon is being displayed in New York Times Square, since 4th of July.

Media commerce is in the flow and connectivity of MCN. MCN in a broad sense is expanding in various fields of branded contents and commerce, as well in the area of YouTube influencer management.

In Korea, MCN includes all media production companies, which specialize in producing contents such as web drama and YouTube contents, and also media commerce companies, which independently manufacture and sell the products.

The special characteristic of a media commerce company is having a team of manufacturing and logistics specialist, designer, production director, data analyst and marketer internally, being able to effectively execute all the process at one stop.

Meanwhile, existing manufacturing companies buy the services of renowned advertising agencies, for their marketing and advertising.

In comparison with traditional companies, for media commerce companies, product launch is processed quickly and even new brands and products can develop revenue immediately. In short, media commerce can quickly and efficiently control the overall process from manufacture to post management.

In such market, Achatsgroup is getting much attention as the lead of the next generation's media commerce in Korea.

Vivian Lee, the CEO of Achatsgroup, said, "Startups, targeting the niche market, are entering the new generation of distribution in earnest, so by taking the lead of the marketing paradigm with unconventional manufacturing, distribution and marketing strategies, we are going to build Achatsgroup as Asia's No. 1 media commerce company."

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