ACY Securities announces partnership with Football star Tim Cahill

SYDNEY, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Australia's soccer legend and former English Premier League star, Tim Cahill today announced his partnership with ACY Securities, a leading ASIC-regulated multi-asset broker based in Sydney. 



Tim Cahill enters the partnership with ACY Securities as their Global Brand Ambassador and official trading partner for a period of 2 years. 

Mr Cahill said he was excited to represent ACY Securities on the world stage and that he respected the integrity and vision of the company's co-founders, Jimmy Ye and Winson Cao

"I'm excited for what's coming. Sitting with Winson and Jimmy and talking about how we can do more in this sector - and when they talk, they talk about how they're going to help people, how they're going to give back, their due diligence in producing excellence. And that's what I like," said the former Everton star and Australia's number 1 ranked goal scorer. 

Justin Pooni, Head of Branding & Communications at ACY Securities and the person who spearheaded the partnership said that the alignment between ACY Securities and Tim Cahill is working beautifully due to strong synergies between Tim Cahill and ACY Securities as a brand. 

"Tim Cahill is an Australian sports legend who is loved and admired not only by Australians, but by millions of fans around the world. Having played in the EPL, in the US, in China and even in India - Tim is a true international football icon and we are absolutely thrilled to have him as our global brand ambassador" said Justin Pooni in a statement today. 

Mr Pooni continued to say;

"We have received extremely positive feedback about the partnership from our clients, partners and the general public and I think the reason for that is there are strong synergies between Tim and ACY Securities that are resonating well". 

Justin Pooni concluded, "Tim values trust, integrity, pushing yourself to achieve your goals and helping people improve their lives - and these are very much the same things that our co-founders Jimmy Ye and Winson Cao stand for and what the ACY Securities brand represents". 

On 10th of February, it was also announced that Tim Cahill has been named as an official ambassador for Road to 2022 – joining a star cast of footballing legends including Xavi, Samuel Eto'o, and Cafu to help promote the delivery of the 2022 World Cup. 


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