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After 404 days of hard work, Angry Miao CYBERBOARD R2 Le Smoking will be available on July 10, paying homage to the classic Le Smoking

After 404 days of hard work, Angry Miao CYBERBOARD R2 Le Smoking will be available on July 10, paying homage to the classic Le Smoking

ZHUHAI, China, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 6, 2022, Angry Miao announced its legendary product, CYBERBOARD R2 Le Smoking, will be available on their official website ( starting July 10th 20:00 PDT. The Base Kit will be priced at 670 USD, while the Bundle will be priced at 826 USD.

CYBERBOARD R2 Le Smoking by Angry Miao
CYBERBOARD R2 Le Smoking by Angry Miao

This product was originally released 404 days ago and received a warm welcome in both the technology and the fashion industries, thanks to its unique unibody with contrasting shiny/matte design. Due to manufacturing difficulties with crafting this unibody, Angry Miao initially canceled delivery and refunded all customers. As a result, it was labeled as vaporware by some, stating that "impossible craftsmanship" was deliberately used to gain popularity for the brand.

The CYBERBOARD R2 is crafted from a contrasting matte and glossy aluminium unibody, which pays homage to the shiny/matte contrast design elements of the Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking suit.

Li Nan, founder of Angry Miao, mentioned before: "We are extremely lucky that we have the opportunity to salute two great masters at the same time, just like Hedi Slimane did to YSL. There are not many breakthroughs in industrial design in China these days, as most industrial designers lack a deep artistic background and seldom pay much attention to fashion."

Le Smoking originally symbolized the independence of women. During Hedi Slimane's time at Yves Saint Laurent, Le Smoking, with its signature slim cut, metal chain, and Chelsea boots, gained popularity among men once again. The cool all-black design, with its striking contrast between matte and glossy materials, represents its rich texture and abundant details. 

404 days: perfecting the matte and glossy design on an aluminium unibody

Paying homage to this classic, Angry Miao adopted a sophisticated "aluminium unibody matte and glossy PVD polishing process" to embody the contrast between a glossy finish and matte design elements. This is the first time the world has seen this process applied in the computer electronics industry (including mobile phones) on a large scale. Adopting this process was a necessity to achieve the bright and brilliant mirror polishing effect and a sandblasted texture on a single piece of CNC-cut aluminium alloy.

However, the cost of challenging the limits of this craft manifested itself in a fairly low yield in every single stage. To improve on this, Angry Miao hired several specialists who worked tirelessly on increasing the yield rate. It's inevitable that people at the factory get discouraged by the lack of hope and investment over the long run. Therefore, Angry Miao founder Li Nan pledged to cover all related project costs and demanded results regardless of what cost may be involved.

After about 400 days, products with better resistance to fingerprints, higher firmness and improved corrosion resistance finally started to come out in batches.

Gasket Mount for that satisfying feel and sound, matched with upgraded switches and keycaps

When CYBERBOARD R2 was released more than a year ago, it was one of the first to equip Gasket Mount, which improves the feel and sound of the keyboard, letting users enjoy a truly satisfying typing experience.

Recent improvements made to Angry Miao's gasket have not been incorporated on R2, with respect to its original release date. However, the original EQUALZ Kiwi switches of R2 have been replaced with Gateron Ink Black switches. The stabilizers have also been upgraded, allowing our gasket to unleash its full potential.

The Bundle includes Angry Miao Glacier Dark keycaps, which look absolutely stunning with RGB lighting effects enabled.

Le Smoking allows users to choose between four different plate materials: Black Aluminium Plate (default), Brushed Brass, Golden Black FR-4, and 1.5mm Translucent PC.

Customizable lighting effects and key mappings

CYBERBOARD R2's DIY lighting effect memory slots have been increased to three. Paired with in-key lighting linkage functionality, it also supports 256-level DC dimming for a higher refresh rate. When it comes to color accuracy and functionality, R2's RGB lighting has you fully covered. The physical dual-mode switch has been removed, making switching between Bluetooth and USB Type-C a seamless experience.

Originally introduced with CYBERBOARD Terminal, remappable multimedia keys and multiple keyboard layers provide users with an even wider array of customization options.

The core of community-driven innovation is about keeping promises

Angry Miao designs and develops interesting products through real-time communication with its fans. After purchase, users are also presented with the opportunity to participate in co-creation activities, such as the CYBERBOARD 2022 DIY LED Competition.

The CYBERBOARD LED lighting effects such as Tetris, Stormtrooper and Daft Punk were created by users from countries all over the world, including the United States, China and Japan.

Fulfilling promises towards the community is the only way to get their true support. After R2 was canceled and refunded in 2021, many people believed that our statement to continue conducting research and development was just an excuse.

However, after 404 days of hard work, Angry Miao will finally be able to fulfill its promise on July 10.

Delivery as promised, or another 80 USD compensation? We will see.

R2 in Jet Black: a classic contrast between shiny and matte.

Sandblasting and shiny mirror-like finish creating a striking balance.

Before the appearance of CYBERBOARD R2, applying a shiny PVD and matte contrast on a large, aluminium alloy unibody surface is something that hasn't really been done before.

About Angry Miao

Established in 2019, Angry Miao is committed to bringing future technology to consumers through close community interaction, while at the same time providing advanced futuristic product designs. This, towards building the so-called: Future Art Community.

Products include TWS and revolutionary wireless desktop products, as well as IP-centric products, in order to enhance the emotional brand connection.

Through Community Driven and the D2C sales model, while combining the latest tech with subcultural trends, Angry Miao is devoted to creating a high-end and trendy technology brand widely recognized by global consumers.

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