AI & Big Data Reshape the Language Service Industry

BRISBANE, Australia, Aug. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are pervasive and disruptive in today's world. They transform the way people work and live, decision making processes and the landscape of industries. The language service industry is not an exception to this. What revolutionary changes have AI and big data brought to society? How would they reshape the language service industry? How would they benefit and inspire practitioners, service providers and clients in the future?

GTCOM CEO Eric Yu addressed the opening ceremony
GTCOM CEO Eric Yu addressed the opening ceremony

At the 21st International Federation of Translators Congress ( FIT 2017) held from August 3 to 5 in Brisbane, Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (GTCOM), the exclusive strategic partner of the event, worked with some 1,000 professionals and experts to find out answers for the above questions and many other questions.

GTCOM CEO Eric Yu addressed the opening ceremony, sharing with participants how the advances in machine translation and AI technology have had a disruptive impact on the language industry, and how their application will greatly improve industry-wide efficiency and provide easier access to smarter language services. 

During the event, GTCOM unveiled the YEEKIT, a language tool integrating both AI and language technology, and presented YEESIGHT and other products incorporating the latest development in AI and cross-language big data technology, attracting great attention from local businesses and media.

At the forums sponsored by GTCOM, the management of the company, including the experts from world leading language service companies and organizations, and professors from prestigious higher-education institutions exchanged their views on the roles technology has played in the delivery of language services. This also included translation instruction and research, and they offered thought-provoking insights into the new challenges and opportunities for the language service industry. 

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