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AI Won't Replace Human Capital in Next 10 Years; Food Improves Talent Retention

AI Won't Replace Human Capital in Next 10 Years; Food Improves Talent Retention

SINGAPORE, Nov 23, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Award-winning HR tech platform Swingvy officially debuted LIFT 2019, it's first ever inaugural conference that drew over 150 participants from AVIVA, Citibank, Wantedly, Validus, SCCI, Exxon Mobil, Terrapin, and Financial Alliance. Through LIFT, Swingvy sees the opportunity to enable conversations and provide a platform for business owners, thought leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs to come together and discuss what the future of work might look like in the face of increasing technological advancements.

According to a survey conducted by Swingvy, 43% of employees frequently think about quitting, and 48% are currently unhappy with their job. "We co-founded Swingvy because the 'Human Resources' industry sometimes does not focus on the 'human' aspect of things," said Jin Choeh, CEO and Co-Founder of Swingvy.

"Swingvy is first and foremost, a people empowerment platform besides our core business of an all-in-one HR cloud platform, and through creating LIFT, we want to empower communities and inspire positive change across all industries! Whether you are a business owner, thought leader, or aspiring entrepreneur, we believe everyone can learn from each other."

Swingvy's CEO and Co-Founder predicts that human capital is still integral in jobs today, and will still be important for jobs in the future. "AI cannot yet replace human capital, and even if we get to a point where that happens, we see that the human touch is still very much needed.

According to LinkedIn's inaugural global Inside the Mind of Today's Candidate report, 34% of Singaporeans have no intention to stay at their jobs for more than a year. "This could be due to the lack of employee engagement, since we see a third of all employees eating at their desks alone up to 4 times a week," said Adele Grosskopf, Head of Deliveroo for Business.

"Workplace culture actually plays a big role in employee engagement and retention, sometimes even more than just salary. Through Deliveroo for Business, we aim to encourage social eating to increase team bonding, leading to happier and more productive employees."

The Nov 21 half-day conference on also had keynote speakers Lars Voedisch, Managing Director of PRecious Communications, and Ang Kian Peng, Director of Samsui Supplies & Services Pte Ltd. These four keynote speakers were joined by founders from other start-ups as well, in industries such as education, technology, commerce, finance, music and events.

At LIFT's "Challenges Of The Future Workforce and How To Prepare For The Next Recession" session, panellists Tho Kit Hoong, Co-Founder of Swingvy, Kenneth Ho, CEO and Founder of BEAMSTART, Adrian Tan, Regional Leader, Client Solutioning APAC, at PeopleStrong, and Gail Lau, Regional Leader Talent Acquisition Partner for, discussed the differences between technological advancements and technological empowerment.

Tho also spoke about how jobs in the future could evolve to become decentralised, and catered more to the gig economy. "The world is getting smaller, so virtualisation and shared services is the way to go. Talent should no longer be confined to a country, since in future flexibility will be more important."

In 2020, Swingvy plans to go regional with LIFT, and plans for the conference to lift off in Malaysia in early 2020, and in Taiwan by October 2020.

Inspired by TED Talks, Swingvy will make all sessions from LIFT available on

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About Swingvy
Swingvy is a modern HR platform that aims to revolutionize and transform HR practices for small and mid-sized businesses. Built to champion people in their work, Swingvy seamlessly connects all HR information - HR, Payroll, Claims and Benefits - and automates every administrative task without hassle. Swingvy serves over 6,500 companies from offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. Swingvy was founded in late 2016 with a mission to create a workplace where work empowers people. For more information about Swingvy, please visit:

About LIFT
LIFT brings together brilliant minds, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, dedicated leaders from various industries and their community into one space. The knowledge-sharing space will be the people platform to lift conversations as a positive change driver for business and society today. For more information on LIFT, please visit:

About Deliveroo
Deliveroo is an award-winning delivery service founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo works with over 80,000 best-loved restaurants and takeaways, as well as 60,000 riders to provide the best food delivery experience in the world. Deliveroo is headquartered in London, with 2,500 employees across 13 markets including Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, UAE, Kuwait, the UK and Singapore. For more information on Deliveroo, please visit:

About Deliveroo for Business
Deliveroo for Business is Deliveroo's corporate arm, serving an amazing range of cuisines to boardrooms and hotel rooms across the country. It flips the idea of the stale sandwich platter on its head - bringing the broadest range of cuisines to offices and business across the country.

Deliveroo for Business is a corporate account-based system, offering two types of access:
1. Companies can add an allowance (credit) to an individual Deliveroo account to allow staff to order throughout the day. Time and location restrictions can be set on any allowance.
2. Corporate ordering gives office managers, event teams and nice bosses everywhere to access a wider range of restaurants able to cater large orders.

Essentially, Deliveroo for Business changes the definition of desk-dinners. Employers can foot the bill for top quality breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to the office, or within whichever parameters they decide work best for their team. Find out more about Deliveroo for Business at:

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