AIAR: You Think Tech Couldn't Save The World? Yes, It Can. And Now It Will

STOCKHOLM, July 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Maybe you thought lucrative decisions can't be taken with your heart? Think again. AIAR:s founder Rufus Lidman travelled the world helping refugees in need. Meeting the "victims", but finding they were just people who had an immense wish to once again be in charge of their lives. And, for the youngest, their biggest wish was access to education. Follow us on this amazing journey, where we share with you how AIAR plans to offer education to the 2,5 billion people in dire need. Simply, how we plan to use the most modern technology to make the world a better place

When the founder of the EdTech company AIAR, Rufus Lidman, went on volunteer missions supporting refugees outside Mosul in Iraq, his world totally changed in more than one way. He is a well-known digital strategist who authored five books, and now he using his knowledge to help the billions of people in the world in need of education.

After having initiated a refugee foundation during the refugee crisis in Syria in 2015, and made more than 17 excursions to all the Balkan routes, from Lesbos and Idomeni to Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, he felt something was nagging.

"I met all these wonderful kids who believed that they had a future. Then it's our duty to give it to them!" Rufus Lidman exclaims, CEO and founder of AIAR.

It just so happened that parallel to his excursions to these war zones, he was asked to develop an educational app to one of the world's most powerful associations in communication. The microlearning app was a success, and that is where the seed to AIAR was born. As the first proof of concept, the initial app for digital strategy was upgraded in UX and native English. It instantly rocked the market, by becoming the biggest independent app within the category in the world, acquiring the highest reviews from people in 165 countries.

Today, one year later, the ABC deep tech (AI, Blockchain, Crypto) solution and the tribe of digital heroes are here, using AI to personalize learning, using a Blockchain secured certification for 100% credibility, and a security token for gamification and budgeting of a true lifelong learning.

That means AIAR, the digital ecosystem of lifelong learning, has now finally arrived at the destination so hard fought for, with the token sale for the Security Token Offering (STO) being launched yesterday, and the first actual token being minted today. All in order to fulfill the vision of changing the world, by funding the final Minimum Viable Product to be developed during Q3. With an aggressive market attack, reaching for 10 million members before end of the year, 200 million before 2020 and 1 billion 2022. And with a Robin Hood model, making it accessible to the people in real need, but with a premium model ensuring the turnover.

So to sum up what Nelson Mandela knew from start: "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world". But that was 30 years ago.

At that time 4 million people had access to internet. Today that number is 4 billion.

At that time there was no AIAR. Now there is.

Taking over the world. Then making it a better one.

Come join Rufus and his team in that mission.

We are launching the journey today. 

Photo cred. Eveline Grassman


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