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The AICHAIN Main Chain is About to Release in Advance, Which Shows the Technical Strength Behind It

The AICHAIN Main Chain is About to Release in Advance, Which Shows the Technical Strength Behind It

BEIJING, July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With the development of the main chain and internal testing, the AICHAIN main chain will be officially launched in the near future. Compared to the scheduled time of the white paper, the main chain will be released a few months earlier.

The AICHAIN R&D team has made a great contribution to the completion of the main chain in research, docking, and testing. The helm of this team is Mr. Duan Kai, AICHAIN's founder and CEO.

Mr. Duan Kai was the former CTO of Bitmain, and he has been deeply engaged in the research of important technologies related to blockchain. The AICHAIN main chain can be released in advance, because it is under the leadership of Duan Kai, and the high efficiency of technical team in the blockchain technology research and development, as well as in reducing financial risks.

AICHAIN is a blockchain & AI project that aims to provide a common blockchain platform for more complex AI applications, which allowing data resource owners, application developers, operating platform resource owners, and users to freely publish and use their own resources and applications. It will make AI applications easier and safer to land.

AICHAIN has been committed to providing industry virtual robot applications for all walks of life through blockchain and AI technology. Compared to other projects, AICHAIN is not an isolated AI project.

AICHAIN is based on the vision that through the blockchain mechanism, the blockchain and AI industry are closely integrated, and the AI industry would be more efficient and easier to implement.

With the launch of the AICHAIN main chain, all users can participate in the fully decentralized blockchain of the AICHAIN consensus process.


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