AIgatha, the Simplest AI Solution for Enterprise and Individuals on Blockchain

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- AI technology, information security and data analysis have been gaining their momentum in recent days. However, it is still hard for most small and medium-size enterprises to integrate these technologies and resources, not to mention individuals. As for such a problem, AIgatha has developed a service platform based on a combination of DistComp@home (distributed computation at home) and iMLOv (integrated machine learning service). Integrating multiple technologies including AI predicting, distributed computing and blockchain, AIgatha has reduced the cost of computing for users and enterprises to develop their own business. Even an individual can become an expert of trend prediction in certain fields with AIgatha's simplified interface and technology.

Operate AI computation within 3 Steps

According to Gartner's latest business value report, AI will be the most destructive technology in 10 years. AIgatha's AI service platform offers a highly simplified and graphic implementing environment, in which users can, just by clicking a few "next step" buttons, utilize multiple AI algorithms to make big data analyses and predictions of various fields and important eigenvalues. The AIgatha team will also provide services dealing with problems in various fields, such as face identification, artificial intelligent agriculture, optimization of formula for artificial materials, precision medicine and sports games.

Low cost for Cloud Computing Based on Blockchain System

AIgatha is going to build up a distributed computing platform on blockchain, integrating the resources of miners and reducing the cost of factory, hardware and maintenance. The blockchain nature of this system also offers high security for the data of users. Based on these advantages, AIgatha can provide safer and competitive service of data analyses and storage for enterprises and individual users without problems of high cost for maintaining expensive equipment, renting complicated cloud service or other potential risks.

Scientific Experimented Technology of Analysis

AIgatha's distributed computation and artificial intelligence technologies have been developed for years and applied in scientific researches including iSARST, CPSARST, DS-SARST, CPred, CirPred and imSuper. AIgatha has established a friendly, effective and safe distributed computing AI platform based on its core technology and blockchain. Anyone without professional education in informatics, machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms can easily utilize this technology in business development, research of popular questions or trend prediction and analysis.

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