Air Purifier Cost/Benefit Report Launched

With some commentators questioning the cost effectiveness of air purification devices, American supplier Think Air Purifiers launches a new analysis report examining the question in more depth.

The pandemic has caused heightened awareness of airborne contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, and air purifiers are proven technology that can help mitigate their spread.

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However, do the potential health advantages of air purifiers outweigh the costs? In this analysis report, the online retailer takes a cost-benefit approach to the issue, explaining what expenses are involved over a 5-year period, as well as some of the health and cost-related gains that owners could achieve.

In the first instance, Think Air Purifiers explains the costs involved in purchasing an air purification unit. The analysis report quite rightly states that devices can have a wide variation in cost depending on quality. However, as an indication, the author identifies a reputable manufacturer’s base model with a HEPA-type filter as costing approximately $700, while a different technology unit from another company costs approximately $1,000.

For the purposes of the analysis, the retailer suggests an average price of $850, before explaining that the cost to operate a unit over a 5-year period would be somewhere in the region of $500. Once potential maintenance is taken into account, the author concludes a total cost of $1,850 over 5 years. That boils down to $370 per year or about $1 per day. More detailed breakdowns of costs can be viewed in the analysis report.

Having already identified the proven health benefits of air purification devices, the analysis report next examines the potential savings that could be realized. In addition to the direct advantages, such as reduced medical expenditure, the author also suggests that indirect benefits, such as improved productivity and positive psychological outcomes, should also be taken into account.

The analysis report concludes by stating that, when quality air purification systems are examined, the benefits offered are considerable.

Think Air Purifiers supply many of the higher quality systems discussed in the new analysis. The Austin Air HealthMate uses medical-grade HEPA filters capable of removing a range of airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, gases and odors. Learn more about the company’s products at: and

The retailer is an EPA-certified ‘Indoor Air Quality Expert’ and provides customers with advice on the most suitable system for their needs. The new analysis report is the latest in a series designed to educate and inform consumers about air purification systems.

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