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All Eyes on Cupola360 as ASPEED Debuts the World's First 360-Degree Spherical Image Processor

All Eyes on Cupola360 as ASPEED Debuts the World's First 360-Degree Spherical Image Processor

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ASPEED Technology Inc., the largest BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) chip provider in the world, hosted a product launch event today for Cupola360, the world's first-ever spherical image processor with six sensors.

Cupola360, the world’s first-ever spherical image processor with six sensors
Cupola360, the world’s first-ever spherical image processor with six sensors

Capitalizing on the global trend of 360-degree imaging, ASPEED unveiled at the event Cupola360, a spherical image processor specifically designed for 360-degree cameras, as well as the accompanying apps, which cemented the company as the pioneer and leader in state-of-the-art SoC system solutions. To further demonstrate the company's determination to dedicate itself to the market of spherical cameras, ASPEED has trademarked the name Cupola360 and its software product line, while applying for intellectual property protection of its 360-degree image-processing technologies.

Targeting the Future Development on 360-Degree Imaging with the Industry-Leading Technology in Integration of Software and Hardware Systems

The vigorous development on 360-degree imaging in recent years has generated practical applications of spherical cameras to various real-life scenarios such as vacations, family gatherings, and home-monitoring, in addition to creating virtual reality content and materials that add fun to people's lives. However, most 360-degree cameras currently available on the market require post-production of footage on a smartphone or computer, causing inconvenience to their users.

ASPEED's outstanding SoC development capabilities have allowed the company to invest in the research and development of a 360-degree spherical image processor that in an industry first, features six big-pixel sensors for seamless in-camera image stitching, breaking the present limit of the traditional 360-degree cameras. Moreover, the exclusive Cupola360 spherical image processor provides the unprecedented function of real-time image stitching and affords users to access panoramic views in an instant, saving them the trouble of post-production on a computer.

"There is no denying that in the future, people will relive precious moments in life via virtual reality consisting of 360-degree images," said Chris Lin, chairman and president of ASPEED. "Therefore, we believe that a spherical camera will soon become a must-have device in every household. ASPEED expects to surprise the public with Cupola360 spherical image processor, so that people can experience first-hand how snappy, convenient and useful a 360-degree camera is in their daily lives."

The World's First Exclusive Six-Sensor 360-Degree Spherical Image Processor with Mobile Applications

Cupola360, developed by ASPEED as the first-ever six-sensor 360-degree spherical image processor, features multiple functions and technologies tailor-made for spherical cameras.

  • Six big-pixel sensors with wide-angle lenses greatly lessen the visual distortion caused by traditional circular and diagonal fisheye lenses.
  • In-camera stitching provides real-time live streaming immediately after a video is shot, hence no post-production on a smartphone or computer is needed, and images and videos can be streamed live and shared online instantaneously.
  • Cupola360 records and generates extreme-quality 360-degree images with an ultra-high 4K2K video resolution, ensuring optimal image clarity, whether it is used for low-light and night photography or to capture details in detail of panoramas.
  • The 3D anti-shake function of Cupola360 compensates for unwanted movement of the camera and gives you sharp and stable quality without any blurring, even when you're running.

Last but not least, ASPEED has at the same time released the Cupola360 App with many fun and varied features, soon including the face/object tracking function and the ability to recapture 360-degree videos and images. In fact, ASPEED has taken it one step further by creating another app so that users can search for 360-degree videos on social networks, setting up a shared cloud network for 360-degree photography, bringing a sense of immediacy and convenience to spherical camera users, hence achieving ASPEED's mission to build a 360-degree camera that meets a user's day-to-day needs.

ASPEED Is Joining Forces with Industry Partners to Form a 360-Degree Camera Ecosystem Powered by Cupola360

With a strong foothold in the exclusive 360-degree spherical image processor, ASPEED has for the first time integrated software and hardware, also developing mobile applications. Offering to its customers a suite of technologies that include SoC, built-in software, hardware and supporting smartphone apps, ASPEED hopes to build a 360-degree camera ecosystem upon the integration of software and hardware systems, with the participation of industry partners.

ASPEED's Cupola360 camera solutions will offer more diverse content and materials, providing users with opportunities to go back in time and live through life's wondrous moments again, or a chance to escape from reality, enjoying the fantastic hyperreality created by themselves and others in the world.

Come to our booth at Computex Taipei 2018, June 5-9, to experience ASPEED's cutting-edge products (Booth No. L1032; 4F, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center). For more detailed information, please visit

Media Contact: Iris Chueh, +886-3-578-9568 #863,

About ASPEED Technology Inc.
ASPEED Technology Inc. is a highly innovative fabless IC-design company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. As a pioneer and leader of cutting-edge SoC system solutions with a focus on the niche markets of high-margin products, the company's specialties range from Server Management SoC solution, PC/AV extension solution, iCafe extension SoC solution for Internet Cafes, to the latest 360-degree spherical image processor.

ASPEED has been dedicated to developing innovative technologies in order to quickly respond to customer needs, which has made the company a leading provider of innovative SoC system solutions as well as a reliable business partner. ASPEED is currently the world's No. 1 BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) chip provider, and has been honored as one of "Forbes Asia's 200 Best Under a Billion" companies in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, ASPEED acquired Broadcom's Emulex Pilot™ remote server management chip business. For more detailed information, please visit ASPEED website at

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