ALLPCB Attends the 4th Global Cross-border E-Commerce Summit to Explore More Possibilities in Global E-Commerce

ALLPCB Attends the 4th Global Cross-border E-Commerce Summit to Explore More Possibilities in Global E-Commerce

Digitization is a must for global e-commerce

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 27, 2019, the 4th Global Cross-border E-Commerce Summit was held at Hangzhou Baima Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Digital Empowerment and Industrial Integration", the summit discussed the impact of digitization on the global economy, cutting-edge trends in digital technologies, innovation of industrial digitization and Hangzhou's experience in global perspective.

At the same time, from the viewpoint on enterprise demand, the summit focused on interpreting the online platform trends, independent portal website startup and the application of industrial digitization.

ALLPCB is a successful business model of digital transformation in manufacturing while it was a traditional foreign trade manufacturer in Hangzhou. Its chairman and CEO, Mr. Zhou Bangbing, a B2B Internet pioneer, delivered a speech about "How the printed circuit board prototype market affects the future of B2B cross-border e-commerce?".

In the speech, Mr.Zhou elaborated the e-commerce development trends, ALLPCB's intelligent collaborative manufacturing and industrial digitization, etc.

ALLPCB keeps exploring to win in cross-border e-commerce

In 2013, Mr. Zhou Bangbing established a print circuit board (PCB) factory, which was his first attempt at transformation in manufacturing. In 2017, Mr. Zhou researched smart factories and then  built another PCB factory in Anhui province. He is devoted to building an intelligent collaborative manufacturing platform.

At the summit, Mr. Zhou shared with the attendees his understanding about cross-border e-commerce for non-standard industrial products.

B2B has already gone through three stages of development. B2B 1.0 started from yellow pages, transactions were integrated into B2B 2.0. With B2B 3.0, more services (finance, logistics, etc.) are available.

Mr. Zhou believes that the future direction of B2B is the in-depth interconnection with the manufacturing industry because cross-border e-commerce can't be separated from it. In the near future, the core of e-commerce will be carried out on the "Supply-Side", thus B2B 4.0 must be the high level of integration with manufacturing industry.

ALLPCB's main business is PCB. The PCB market is not particularly large when it is compared with a global industrial market size, accounting for about 65 billion US dollars a year.

However, PCBs can be called "mother of the electronic industry" and it is the backbone of all electronic products. All the electronic components need to be placed on the boards before they work. PCBs can be found in all electronic devices and portable gadgets.

Regarding the market-entry strategy, there is a big difference between B2B and B2C. PCB prototypes are a must in the manufacturing process. Orders of B2C and B2B can range from hundreds to millions respectively. Both of factories and clients are under pressure to deal with a small order proofing service.

ALLPCB focuses on such a professional manufacturing service, no matter where the order comes from -- a small production studio or the world top 500 enterprises. By proofing services, ALLPCB deals with a huge number of customers enquiries -- from a small batches to assembly production. ALLPCB can upgrade prototypes - bulk orders - assembled products.

ALLPCB's approaches to overcome difficulties in cross-border business

Firstly, time difference. Secondly, goods are non-standard and can't be seen physically. Thirdly, the products become more personalized and they are in only small batch orders. Finally, the delivery time of traditional factories is unsatisfactory.

As a leading B2B cross-border business with high frequent procurement capabilities, ALLPCB runs its self-operated & own branded portal website ( A huge number of customers are acquired through Google, Facebook, electronics engineer fora, electronic industry communities and so on.

Online quotes are the first step in the online service process, which is the core of the intelligent manufacturing in digital economy. Factories play a crucial role in the optimization of delivery time, quality and price.

A data-driven factory has been preliminarily well built by ALLPCB. When users upload the design files without inputting technical parameters, the system will automatically read the file parameters and provide a quote online.

ALLPCB is now working on connecting the medium-sized factories with certain capacity via the Internet. They are given free access to the manufacturing execution system (MES) to create a collaborative manufacturing network.

Under the multi-factory network, factories' capacity are aggregated to increase a production capabilities and then achieve the upgrade from a single product to one-stop shopping.

The customers not only want to purchase a circuit board, but also want their design products and projects completed.

To meet the need of users that they want to simplify the purchase process, ALLPCB aims to build an intelligent collaborative manufacturing platform - internet-based and digital - with the advantages of supply chain integration in China. ALLPCB serves small and medium sized enterprises.

"Made in China" is a complete industrial chain with the core competence in the world.

In the future, the entire global manufacturing industry must be a network. B2B cross-border e-commerce is stimulating the formation of the super global network.

How can B2B cross-border e-commerce find a breakthrough? Mr. Zhou believes that:

  1. Develop users buying habit by offering an initial prototype service;
  2. Self-operated website, which acts as a reservoir to accumulate customer resources;
  3. Build digital factories to optimize production procedures. 

The key to the development of consumer e-commerce is always on the "Supply-Side". Making the global supply chain "straight" by connecting both users and factories at the same time. B2B cross-border e-commerce is a promising with a good prospect.


ALLPCB is an ultrafast PCB super factory as well as an Internet-based manufacturing company, committed to building an electronic collaborative manufacturing service platform. It offers professional one-stop service, including PCB prototype, PCB Assembly and components sourcing. Since founding, ALLPCB has reconstructed the traditional PCB industry by data-driven technology.

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