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Allschool to Donate 100% of its Fundraising Campaign Income to Support Singapore Children's Society

Allschool to Donate 100% of its Fundraising Campaign Income to Support Singapore Children's Society

SINGAPORE, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Allschool ("the Company"), an innovative online education platform, has launched a fundraising campaign - Double Enrichment Charity Drive 2022 - in support of Singapore Children's Society and the children, youth and families in need under its care.  


Running from February 14 to March 31, the campaign invites parents and kids to join Allschool and Children's Society in bringing relief and happiness to children in need by donating generously to the campaign. Allschool has also pledged to donate 100% of sales proceeds from a special selection of popular online classes. Funds raised will allow Children's Society to reach out to vulnerable communities and enable their professional staff to render effective care and support.

For the past 70 years, Singapore Children's Society has been devoting time and energy to provide emotional, psychological, and financial support to those for whom they care. Its commitment is in line with Allschool's mission to provide educational opportunities for all young students around the world through highly interactive and engaging learning resources. With this joint initiative, Allschool hopes to raise awareness about the physical and mental health of children living in underserved and excluded communities, leading the way in global actions to tackle children's growth-related issues and make a positive change to their welfare.

Parents' decisions to get involved in philanthropic activities have a huge impact on children's charitable giving. A 2016 study conducted by Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and Vanguard Charitable on parents' influence on children's willingness to volunteer and give, reveals that children who are encouraged by their parents' charitable acts to help the poor and vulnerable tend to be more generous. In addition, charitable giving also helps to build stronger family connections. In Fidelity Charitable's 2018 US-based survey, over 80 percent of respondents whose families have a long-standing giving tradition claim that their core families are very close.

"The goal of this campaign is not only to bring support to children in need but also positivity to families. By inviting parents and kids to engage in this charitable initiative, we believe that our young students will greatly benefit from this meaningful activity, as well as the highly interactive courses delivered by our experienced teachers," said Chavy Goh, Singapore head of marketing in Allschool.

All the latest updates will be available on Allschool's Facebook page. To make a donation, parents can visit the "Allschool – The Double Enrichment Charity Drive" campaign website where they will find more detailed information about the charity and the campaign. The online courses which have been especially selected by Allschool for this donation drive are also available to purchase until the classes are full.

About Singapore Children's Society

Singapore Children's Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. Established in 1952, its services have evolved to meet the changing needs of children. Today, Children's Society operates more than 10 service centers nationwide, offering services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children and Youth, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.

About Allschool

Founded in Singapore, Allschool is an innovative online platform that delivers highly interactive small-group live classes to children worldwide. Through Allschool, learners can enjoy a variety of premium live classes - including mathematics, languages, visual arts, game design, and more - delivered by thousands of devoted and talented teachers from all around the world.

An expert in online education, Allschool has developed a set of innovative purpose-built teaching and learning tools that bring meaningful changes to learning outcomes, allowing students to immerse themselves in a rewarding, gamified, and interactive environment that empowers them to explore and pursue their interests while making schooling fun and enjoyable.

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